Fashion Education Through TikTok

Everyone has their favorite TikTok accounts. While some prefer cooking tutorials, comedy skits or maybe just watching reuploaded clips of TV shows and movies, the platform has something for everyone. Lately, the fashion connoisseurs of social media have taken to the video sharing app to upload informative videos discussing the work of recent designers and its significance in the world of luxury clothing. Let’s take a look at the education of fashion through TikTok.

What sets you apart…

As social media has developed over the years, it has become a large outlet for not only news media, but also pop-culture and fashion media. Because of its fast-paced algorithm, many trends that emerge from TikTok gain a surplus of popularity, only to die out hard and fast. Although users bought into this fast fashion cycle for an extended period of time, they have begun to discover the latest trend being tossed around on the app: classic timelessness. I know, it sounds like a trap… how can timelessness be a trend? Fashion trends and fads are born from the implication that wearing a select item will induce individuality and distinctiveness, but eventually the piece gains too much traction and provides no originality whatsoever. Because this cycle has been tremendously exhausted due to TikTok, users have resorted to classic fashion staples in hopes of standing out while others chase never-ending trends. A wild goose chase if you ask me.

TikTok Trends
TikTok Trends Photo credit: Distractify

To live and to learn…

As fashion lovers begin to incorporate timeless pieces into their *trendy* wardrobe, they also adopt parts of stylistic history, something many tend to guard from those who lack brand appreciation and knowledge. Fashion enthusiasts make a point to protect select items in order to prevent classicity from morphing into trendsetting. In order to be deemed worthy, fashion novices sought education on the history of timeless luxury labels and their work; thus, fashion educators on TikTok were born. TikTok accounts like @charlesgross (Charles “Let’s talk about it” Gross), @fashionboy (Benji Park) and @relaxitsonlyfashion (Timothy Chernyaev) provide information on the latest shows and releases of luxury fashion brands to educate their viewers on the influence behind the pieces. Many of the “new” designs shown on the runway have a lengthy background within the fashion world, something beginner fashion followers would not catch without initial guidance. Not all superheros wear capes, they have better taste than that.

@relaxitsonlyfashion on TikTok
@relaxitsonlyfashion on TikTok Photo credit: TikTok

The new era of fashion education creates a platform of inclusivity for all fashion lovers. Sharing knowledge and opinions on designers’ work is a fundamental part of the fashion world as subjectivity and controversy motivate groundbreaking pieces. How interesting would the Met Gala be if everyone wore a black dress? Extremely because there wouldn’t be room for disagreement. Since “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” appreciators of fashion are able to have and respect different views and opinions on a look. While TikTok creators continue to educate their followers on important aspects of style, both trendy and timeless, they are also building a future generation of fashion connoisseurs that are opinionated and knowledgeable of luxury brand history. This will create better conversation regarding future award show looks, runway shows or even trends. The ability to identify influence from previous designers’ work is just a bonus.

If you’re looking to expand your understanding of the fashion world, I suggest checking out some of these creators. Not only will you feel more educated when watching the Met Gala in May, you will start to pick up on emerging trends and influence from previous works. It’s time to expand your fashion palette!

TikTok Trends
TikTok Trends Photo credit: Vox
Lizzie Sexton

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