By Tyler Martin

I got the chance to sit down with Gabriela Vasci, who some may know as Gab NYC, to gain insight into her unique, personal style and love of Dallas.

Moving from New York to Dallas is a big change. What made you decide this change?

After graduating from Columbia University in New York where she studied creative writing and art history, Gab was ready for a big change. She was interested in pursuing advertising, and there were more opportunities in Texas.

Gab has always loved Dallas, in fact, when applying to colleges she only applied to Columbia and SMU! There is so much Gab appreciates about SMU and Dallas, and was excited to pursue content creation in a space where it is very much celebrated. Also, she believes there’s a big misconception about Dallas.

“People think it’s like the Wild West”, Gab says.

Gab thinks there is so much to do and see in Dallas and can appreciate it even after living in a big city. 

Image courtesy of Gabriela Vasci

How would you describe your personal style?

Gab’s personal style has evolved a lot over the course of the last few years. She has drifted away from a strictly “girly” aesthetic and since living in Dallas, has started to pull inspiration from vintage, maximalist and colorful looks. However, she hasn’t ditched florals, bows, embellishments, or the color pink, which is what she is known for. 

Image courtesy of Gabriela Vasci

Who do you draw your fashion inspiration from? Do you have an all-time favorite designer?

Gab doesn’t have one particular style icon she can credit for her unique style. She draws most of her inspiration from Pinterest, specifically for vintage content, and the platform has helped her curate her aesthetic. Gab’s favorite designers are Prada, Schiaparelli, and Valentino, but she has so much appreciation for smaller, niche designers like Lele Sadoughi.

Where are your favorite restaurants and places to hang out in Dallas?

Gab is obsessed with Highland Park Village, and I think we can all agree that it’s the place to be in Dallas. You can catch Gab shopping at Lele Sadoughi for embellished accessories after stopping at Bird Bakery for a quick bite. She loves Sadelle’s to sit down and do work, as it’s usually not as busy during the work week. For lunch or dinner, Gab says her favorite spots are Honor Bar and Fachini. 

Image courtesy of Gabriela Vasci

What is your favorite clothing store in Dallas?

Gab’s current favorite shop is Hill House, which is online only, but hopes they open a store in Dallas. For everyday basics, Gab is loving Abercrombie and Artizia. Also, she’s a big fan of the store Dear Hannah in University Park where she works as a digital strategist and video content creator! 

What is your favorite social media platform you’re on and why?

Gab’s platform with the most following is TikTok, where she currently has 124.4k followers and her videos have over 11 million likes. On TikTok, she is able to really connect with her audience and be personable, stating that she loves going live and doing daily vlogs the most. However, she says that Pinterest is still her favorite social platform as she’s able to establish her personal style on the app.

You have coined the term “Plaza Princess”. Tell me about that.

Gab noticed that a lot of girls on social media were drawing inspiration from nostalgic fictional characters, and she really connects with Eloise. Eloise is a young girl from New York who lives in the Plaza, so Gab resonates with her as she has spent most of her life living in New York, with a similar eccentric maximalist style to Eloise. “Plaza Princess” has definitely caught on. The hashtag currently has over 15 million views on TikTok and many are recreating outfits based on the trend we can credit to Gab! 

Image courtesy of Gabriela Vasci

What’s next for you?

Gabriela Vasci graduates from SMU in May and is planning to stay in Dallas to pursue advertising. As mentioned, Gab is currently working at Dear Hannah as a digital strategist and video content creator and plans to continue working there, as it’s an amazing outlet. She plans to continue content creation on her many platforms where she is able to share bits of her exciting life and great style. Super exciting news, Gab recently signed with a literary agent and is working on a new novel!

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