How to be Très Très Chic

By Tyler Martin

What is it about France that is so mesmerizing? Whether it’s the sparkling Eiffel Tower at night, rows of colorful macaroons, or wondering how French people always look so chic, the country of France has always captivated and drawn me in. I am currently listening to the podcast “The Complete French Style Guide” by Sophie Claire, and I have learned so much about how to incorporate elements of French fashion into my everyday wardrobe. Here are 5 tips from the people of France on how to master their effortlessly, chic style: 

Activewear is For Being Active

In the U.S., activewear and athleisure saturate the market. Especially for college students, wearing activewear and athleisure is super practical and comfortable. However, French natives say that we should ditch our athletic clothing and save it strictly for its original purpose: being active. Even if you’re biking in Marseilles or strolling through Luxembourg Park, you should opt for a pair of soft denim jeans instead of bike shorts.

Agolde, Lana Straight, $178

Levi’s, Baggy Dad, $108

Agolde, Baggy Low Slung organic jeans, $210

Less Logos

Less is more, especially when it comes to logos. Yes, some logos can be tasteful and discrete, but French people suggest we ditch the heavy logos altogether and opt for neutral, brandless clothing. This plays into the idea of quiet luxury, which is looking high-end by appearing polished and sophisticated.

Anine Bing, Quinn Blazer, $600

Bluemarine, floral-appliqué sleeveless minidress, $871

Jacquemus, Les chaussures Duelo, $750

Invest in High Quality Basics

Fast fashion brands are massive in the U.S. for their convenience and array of options. However, French people suggest that instead of buying five cheap tops, invest in one high-quality top that you can rewear in countless ways. Eliminating fast fashion helps the environment by using less natural resources and gas emissions, and also is better for your personal closet.

Maje, Tweed-Effect Knit Cardigan, $385

The Row, Wesler cotton-jersey T-shirt, $290

The Frankie Shop, Lui striped shirt, $115

Less Shorts, More Pants

When the weather gets warmer, we are so used to ditching our pants for shorts. However, you rarely catch French women in shorts as they opt for pants even when it is stiflingly hot. If you must wear shorts, try a pair of long, pleated shorts with a thin belt to embrace your inner French self and keep it classy.

Helsa, Chino Cargo Trousers, $248

Aritzia, The Effortless Linen 5″ Short, $98

L’Academie, Taylor Pant, $248

The Vibe is Always Effortless

You’ll notice that French women with great style, such as Jeanne Damas and Violette, always have a carefree, undone element to their outfits allowing them to look effortless. For example, try pairing a loose top with baggy cargos or fitted, pleated trousers and bold sunglasses. A simple way to achieve that “je ne sais quois” is to have tossled, messy hair and pat on a little red lipstick… French women never try too hard in their beauty routine.

Isabel Marant, Ogalise eyelet cropped shirt, $890

The Frankie Shop, Kai cotton denim cargo jeans, $115

Celine, Triomphe Sunglasses in Acetate, $510

We will be forever grateful to the icons and luxury designers who we all know and love; Chanel, Dior, Celine, Loubiton, and so many more. However, so many other brands you may know and wear originate in France as well, such as Isabel Marant, Jacquemus, Iro, Maje, and The Frankie Shop. French style is known and recognized all over the world for being extremely classy and ever so elegant. So whether you’re traveling to France to study abroad this summer or just want some new fashion inspiration these tips can be applied to anyone… c’est la vie!

Tyler Martin

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