Tory Burch Brings “Good Luck” to Highland Park Village!

By Shae Walker

Tory Burch brought “Good Luck” to Highland Park Village Wednesday with the celebration of her highly anticipated sneaker collection. The chic event centered around the release of Burch’s sneaker collection, offered guests aura readings, a delicious dessert cart, champagne, and custom embroidered dust bags.

When designing the “Good Luck” collection, Burch took inspiration from global symbols of luck and incorporated this theme into the details of her newest collection. This theme falls close to Burch’s heart, as she is very superstitious herself, and carries a red ribbon with her everywhere as a good luck charm.

These good lucky symbols manifested themselves in the nuanced details of her new sneaker collection.

Sophia Schrager a Senior Events Planner at Purple, the PR firm behind the event explained, “Each pair of the laces on the shoes is tied to something important, whether it’s luck within relationships, prosperity, joy, or success.”

Photo by Ivy Nielsen

The pair of sneakers that features green laces symbolizes prosperity and the pair with yellow laces symbolizes hope. Every detail, down to the wishbone on the sole of these chic sneakers was meticulously designed with the intention of bringing good luck to the wearer.

When looking for your next pair of sneakers be sure to check out the “Good Luck” collection on the Tory Burch website or at the Highland Park Village and North Park Mall locations where you can find special in-store exclusives.

Shae Walker

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