Tyler Talks Fashion: Niche Aesthetics I’m Embracing This Fall

By Tyler Martin

I constantly draw inspiration from the works of art that surround us in our daily life. Whether it’s gorgeous scenery, a captivating film, or the color scheme of an inanimate object, there is creativity and inspiration to be found in every aspect of life. While some people associate Autumn with fall drinks and leaves changing color, I’m all about the season bringing leather, boots and layering. I have rounded up my picks for the aesthetics I will be embracing this fall/winter season in hopes to bring new takes to everyday outfits.


I am simply obsessed with this understated aesthetic seen throughout recent runway collections such as Miu Miu, The Row, and Coperni. This vibe reminds me of Emily (Emily Blunt) and Serena (Gisele Bündchen) in the Devil Wears Prada with their polished style and oval eyeglasses. I will be incorporating this aesthetic into my wardrobe by adding in timeless basics, pleated trousers and all types of round eyewear.

The Girl in the Screen Scarf

True fashion-enthusiasts adore the movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” The main character is notorious for her green scarf, which becomes her most powerful accessory. When I think of scarves, I immediately think of the horrible blanket scarves from 2015. But scarves are back with vengeance this runway season. We saw blankets, shrugs, and all types of scarves on the catwalk that have a modern feel and can be layered in a multitude of unique ways.

Fall Foliage

The colors of fall have always spoken to me. Burnt orange, deep browns and creamy beiges are the perfect colors to implement into your wardrobe as the weather starts to cool down. Try layering different neutral shades and intricate fabrics to create a multidimensional look. However, don’t be afraid to pull in your lavender, butter yellow, and light blue pieces carried over from Summer. They add a refreshing pop to the fall foliage color scheme.

Blair Waldorf Beauty

I am so drawn to the style of the 2010s that is unexpected and never too serious. Every Fall/Winter, I can’t help myself but restart Gossip Girl, reminding me how much I love Blair’s elevated schoolgirl style for the back-to-school season. I will definitely be adding in chunky knitwear, collars, loafers, and colored overcoats to my seasonal looks. But the real key to mastering Blair’s style is confidence, so be sure to let that shine through every look.

Cool-Toned Chill

There is something so fashion-forward about mixing metals. I love the look of creamy, warm neutrals paired with icy gray and silver tones. The stark contrast brings a coolness to your outfits, just like the brisk temperature in the air. Don’t be afraid to mix up your usual gold stack of bracelets by throwing in a silver accessory or two. It’s sure to add complexity and confidence to your look.

Strawberry Red

I thought the strawberry girl trend generated by Hailey Bieber was strictly for summer, but this trend is more than relevant for Fall. Bright red is probably the most saturated color on the runway and everyone is wearing it. I will be incorporating this trend into my wardrobe by adding this pop of color in my athleisure, accessories, and shoes.

Remember that there is inspiration at every corner and you should always keep your eyes peeled. We’re nearly halfway through the first semester and it can be easy to fall into an outfit rut, rewearing variations of the same outfit. By introducing fresh perspectives to our typical outfit choices allows us to always have fun with our wardrobes while maintaining our own personal style. 

As with all fashion trends, it’s up to you to embrace it, admire it, or simply wait for the next big thing. The most amazing thing about fashion is that it’s always up to you. Either way, you’re apart of this ever-changing cycle and how exciting is that, even if you’re just judging from afar. 

Cover photo by Staff Member Athena Mamatas

Tyler Martin

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