Major Laser: My Skin Laundry Experience

By Tyler Martin

The SMU area just got its very own Skin Laundry location, and I couldn’t wait to check it out. 

You may have heard of this skincare spot. It started in Santa Monica, Calif. in 2013 and now has locations all over the globe, including three in London, two in Dubai, six in New York City and now two in Dallas (the other location is north of campus).

Skin Laundry’s speciality is lasers, and their signature approach is both thoughtful and timely. Basically, they provide multiple different types of laser facials in about 15 minutes. They started as the go-to laser place but now have expanded into other high tech skincare treatments including Thermo Fractional. The idea is that the services are so quick that it’s as simple as doing your laundry – it’s something you should be doing on a regular basis, because consistency is the key to healthy skin and its improvement, and it’s something you can do in less time than it takes to walk to class from remote parking. To encourage frequent visits, Skin Laundry runs on a subscription-based, membership program. They offer three options: the Refresh, Renew or Rejuvenate, all at different price points.

I chose the Signature Laser Facial, and it did not disappoint: In just one session, I did notice visible improvements in my skin, all in about 15 minutes. But the idea that I was in and out in only 15 minutes was not totally accurate. 

First of all, I admit I spent some time browsing in the reception area. To the left of the check-in desk, there was a wall of products, all merchandised up with a modern-yet-homey vibe that included little plants as decor accents. Serums, sunscreens, retinol … it was product galore. Not surprisingly, the selection included Skin Laundry’s own products, all formulated to coincide with and complement its signature treatments, like sunscreen made to protect your skin after it’s sensitized by the laser.

I also chit-chatted with the friendly staff, who made me feel so welcome as they confirmed my appointment. Then came the personalized skin consultation, where the esthetician and I discussed all the things. She asked me about my skin concerns, what products I’m currently using and what I am hoping to achieve from the treatment. She listened intently and gave some great, personalized skincare advice, which I felt went beyond what I expected during my treatment. After the thorough evaluation, she took the time to educate me about the Skin Laundry brand, treatment outcomes and reputability in the cosmetic space. 

After verbalizing all things Skin Laundry, she handed me an iPad, where I watched a short video that really delved deeper into the treatment. That was unique – I have never watched an educational video about a beauty service before! – but ultimately it was helpful. By the time I got to the room for the treatment, I already knew exactly what to expect, which was comforting for this newbie. 

I laid down in the bed where my esthetician wiped down my skin with an alcohol pad and began the laser treatment. The Signature Laser treatment is designed to “deliver laser energy beneath the skin’s surface to correct and prevent breakouts, rosacea and hyperpigmentation and build collagen for clearer, smoother, more youthful skin” according to the website’s description. The esthetician prepped me to expect a similar feeling to sitting in the direct hot sun, which I would agree with. I could definitely feel it, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. Approximately 10 or so minutes later, she followed up with a hydrating serum and moisturizer to seal in the hydration. The active laser treatment time: About 15 minutes.

My skin is not super problematic, but I am always working to get rid of dark spots and post-acne hyperpigmentation. I’m diligent with my skincare routine and get regular, more traditional facials to keep up my skin. That’s why I was shocked that this under half-hour treatment made a visible difference. My skin was visibly less red and inflamed, immediately leaving my skin looking clearer and less congested. 

So is it worth it? The lowest-priced facial is the one I received, the Signature Laser. Your first facial with Skin Laundry is only $75, then all signatures from there on out are $250. If you’re looking for instant results, this facial might be worthwhile at any cost. But if you’re looking for an indulgent, relaxing spa-like treatment, this is not the place for you. Ultimately, I would suggest approaching a Skin Laundry treatment like you’re getting your eyebrows done or your eyelashes tinted – a routine investment for a more confident you.

Note: While the service was provided to the author free of charge, it is completely editorially independent. The service provider had no input into how, when or whether it was written, as per SMU Look Media’s editorial policy.

All images by Tyler Martin

Tyler Martin

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