Tyler Talks Fashion: Have a Closet Party!

By Tyler Martin

All this talk about sustainability and shopping responsibility, but how can we put our words into action? How can we start right now? We need to edit our wardrobes and have a closet party! By having a closet party, we can turn a task that seems daunting and overwhelming into a fun activity that’s productive. Here’s how to get started:

Determine your objectives

When editing your wardrobe, you need to figure out what is most important. Maybe you have an excess of fast fashion, going-out tops, or a collection of denim jeans when, in reality, you only wear a handful of pairs. It’s important to examine your wardrobe and think practically about what you actually wear, how you can make the most out of certain pieces, and to let go of personal attachments to pieces you are holding on to, even though you know you never wear them.

Set the mood

Go ahead and pick out your favorite upbeat playlist, pour yourself a beverage and jam out while you declutter. This will make the time go by faster, allowing you to actually enjoy yourself, and maybe even spark some outfit inspiration.

Begin section by section

It is important to be strategic with your process. Start with the most daunting category, consisting of items that take up the most space within your closet. Go through each piece and figure out whether to keep it, put it in the “maybe” pile, or to get rid of it .Yes, you have to take everything out of your closet first in order to be the most productive. This will keep you organized and help you set objectives for each item.

The “spark joy” method

Marie Kondo has built a career around the art of mindful decluttering, so I value her tips more than anyone. She suggests looking at each piece in your closet and determining if it sparks joy for you. It’s possible that a few pieces in your wardrobe are not worn often, but they hold a special place in your heart, and you do not want to part with them. Kondo suggests holding on to all of the pieces that bring you joy and allow you to have fun with your everyday wardrobe.

Try on the questionable pieces

If you’re not sure whether you want to keep something, it’s important to try on the piece. Maybe you loved that jacket three years ago, but it doesn’t flatter you as it used to. That means it is probably time for a new home, and it would likely suit someone else better. 

Get your camera ready

Now that you have done the hard part, it might be helpful to take photos of items you want to wear and make a point to style them in a new, inventive way. This will help you de-stress when you don’t know what to wear, allowing you to find the perfect outfit by simply flipping through your camera roll. It’s easier to make a decision on a piece when you see yourself in it, so stand in front of the mirror and snap a picture.

Find new homes for your clothing

Now that you have edited down your wardrobe, it is time to find a new home for the clothing you’re parting with. One options is to donate them to a local shelter or clothing drive, which benefits your community. If these items hold a higher value, consider bringing them to a resale shop and earning a little cash back in exchange. Or, I’m sure you have friends that would appreciate some of your items, so you can always offer to pass on the pieces to them. Whichever method you choose, you should feel confident knowing that your clothing items have found a better home, rather than ending up in a pile under your bed.

There’s nothing worse than a full closet with nothing to wear. Editing helps you rediscover the pieces you may have forgotten about, inspiring you to channel your creativity when restyling them. Love your clothes and as always, embrace your personal style while incorporating these tips.

Cover artwork by Athena Mamatas

Tyler Martin

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