Winter Staples… But In Texas

By Lindsay Rorschach

As winter is approaching and the weather is getting cooler, everyone is changing out their closets and getting ready to wear sweaters and boots for the next couple of months. There are a couple of winter staples that everyone should have ready in their closets. Being in Texas, winter is a little bit different, so here are some of the staples that everyone should have ready in their closet when it gets cold in Dallas.  

Chunky Sweater:

Photo Credit Ella McDonald

When you want a statement sweater look or to feel cozier and warmer, a chunky sweater is perfect with a cute skirt of slim pair of pants. 

Leather Pants:

When it is cold, dressing for the nighttime is hard because you want to look chic without sacrificing warmth. Leather pants are an edgy touch that does just that and can be paired with any top.

Light Sweater:

A lighter sweater is essential for layering under any jacket or to throw on with a pair of jeans and boots.

A Pair of Boots or Booties:

Photo Credit Ella McDonald

Boots are the shoe that was made for the winter. Tall boots and booties are so in, especially ones with a rubber sole. A great neutral pair will go with anything from a dress to jeans.

Puffer Jacket:

To still be simultaneously chic and warm, a cool jacket is crucial during the winter.


One of the classiest, yet underrated winter accessories is a hat. So many brands have started making adorable beanies like Lele Sadoughi, Alice and Olivia, Golden Goose, and Ganni.

Lindsay Rorschach

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