To Nip or Not to Nip: SMU Students Share Thoughts on Skims’ “Ultimate Nipple Bra”

“Some days are hard, but these nipples are harder,” says business mogul and founder of Skims Kim Kardashian in a campy promo for the latest Skims’ offering, the Ultimate Nipple Bra. 

This new bra, which takes inspiration from the success of Skims’ viral Ultimate Teardrop Push-Up Bra features an unexpected perk: a built-in raised nipple detail, providing a braless look, regardless of room temperature. 

While the bra is currently sold out, interested shoppers can join a waitlist. Will SMU students be on this list? Probably not, according to results of a poll of 178 students conducted last week by SMU Look via its social media account, @smulook.

A whopping 74% of respondents would not consider buying the Ultimate Nipple Bra. Although the naysayers outnumbered the willing nipple-wearers, opinions across the SMU student body were mixed.

Isis Kazadi, a senior SMU student, thought it was “flirty in an off-the-wall way.” She also thought it was “cool to have a braless look with all the benefits of the bra.”

But Farah Balut, a sophomore, worried about its impact on women: “I think it’s innovative and different for those who are into that, but I think it contributes to the further sexualization of women.” Elyssa Sandoval, a sophomore agreed: “I’m not quite sure if it is empowering.” 

The Ultimate Nipple Bra comes in six different colors and a wide range of sizes. The brand also boasts that it provides a benefit to breast cancer survivors. Released on the last day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, October 31st, the bra claims to offer an “authentic augmentation” for women who have lost nipples due to mastectomies and other surgeries.

Clearly, this bra has its supporters, but it remains to be seen how it’s ultimately viewed once it starts to be worn on campus. What do you think of this new bra? Share your thoughts for a future SMU Look story by emailing

Mari Sato

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