Floral Fatigue: Four Spring Trends to Try Besides Floral

By Dakota Tara Rose

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking” sneered Meryl Streep’s character, Miranda Priestly, the fashion editor in The Devil Wears Prada. I honestly feel the same way. Spring is an exciting time for fashion. The heavy coats are being tucked away and replaced by lighter layers and bright colors. Even with all my enthusiasm regarding the warmer weather, I can’t help feeling bored with the collection of spring florals hanging in my closet. There are worlds of other patterns and trends to delve into this spring instead of the same tired florals. 

Earlier this month, New York Fashion Week showcased beautiful metallics being incorporated into looks for the fall and winter of 2024, but metallics also have their place this spring. Ever versatile, carrying a metallic clutch or wearing a dress with metallic detailing makes a statement while remaining tasteful. Metallics tend to dress up an outfit and make the wearer stand out, so a metallic dress is a great choice for a dinner with the girls or date night. Contrary to loud patterns, solid metallic pieces highlight smooth lines and pair well with neutrals or a pop of color.

Pinks, purples and pastels are spring staples, but yellow is often overlooked or shied away from. Sunny yellows are fun and flattering. Tie a yellow scarf around your handbag or replace your shoe laces with yellow ribbons for a more subtle sunny addition. Really embrace the radiance and uplifting qualities of yellow by combining different hues for a dynamic monochromatic look. 

Sheer is chic this spring. New York Fashion Week featured sheer skirts ranging from fitted lace pencils skirts to flowing chiffon layers. If the sheer skirt is one step too far for you, try cut out tops, or layer fun sheer pieces with opaque basics. Play with different materials like lace, tulle, or printed chiffon to put your own spin on sheer this spring.

If you’re not quite ready to part ways with flora and fauna themes for the season but are looking to expand your horizons, ring in the spring with rosettes. Large rosettes are a bold way to belt a dress, while smaller rosettes add a playful feminine flare without diminishing the elegance of your ensemble. Flower appliqués are another fun floral alternative while still playing with the idea of new growth in spring. A sheer top with flower appliqués goes beautifully with your favorite jeans for a bright spring outfit, or pair high-waisted slacks with a fitted rosette top for an elevated look. 

Try something new this spring: break free from the floral fatigue, and explore the world of metallics, appliqués, and sheer layering! Your adventurous side will thank you for it, and your florals will still be there, waiting for the days you need a touch of something traditional.

Dakota Rose

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