I Tried It: Black Swan Yoga

Being a student and living a healthy lifestyle can seem almost mutually exclusive at times. You want to exercise and be healthy, but you’d rather spend your money on fun nights out with your friends, or (honestly) new clothes for those occasions. Memberships at big name workout studios can be so pricey and very unforgiving in terms of the contracts – trust me, getting out of these is a nightmare. Dallas, being the glorious, up-and-coming city that it is, has found the perfect solution to this problem right down the street on Lovers Lane.


Black Swan Yoga is a donation-based hot yoga studio with locations in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio as well as Dallas. When I first heard about this concept, I was a little confused to be honest. Since these classes are technically free, how good can it really be? I can tell you first-hand that these classes are just as good (maybe better) than some of the studios where I’ve paid quite the pretty penny for classes. The studio also offers $88 monthly unlimited which I also think is an amazing deal!

The studio is absolutely beautiful! With black walls, sparkling ceiling, and rainbow murals, it’s definitely a different feel than most yoga studios I’ve been to. They play really fun music, and the instructors are so encouraging. They really focus on how yoga should be fun instead of it being serious all the time which I personally loved. It’s much less intimidating – especially when you’re coming to a new studio.

I really do think this is the perfect solution for college students. It’s a great workout and so inexpensive. Remember to donate to the studio if you decide to go to a class! Although it is free, they are so incredible, and that shouldn’t go unnoticed! $10 for a class is still an amazing deal!

Meredith Welborn

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