Your Guide to Embracing Neon

Something about fall screams change to me—from new Starbucks orders to new trends, it’s the season for new beginnings! It’s not hard to notice the abundance of neon on this season’s runways and your Instagram feed, and, added bonus, it hits the “ugly” trend right on the nail of the head. There are so many ways to incorporate neon into your wardrobe, even if just subtly. Balance neon with neutral hues for an unexpected fall look that will have you on trend without feeling like you’re sticking out tooooo much.

1. Neon Sweater
A great place to start, a neon sweater can be worn with denim for a pop of color that will remain on trend through winter! I love turtlenecks for a chic take on the autumn staple.

neon sweater.png

2. Neon Nails
You can’t get anymore low-key than this. Nails are a great way to accent neutral tones in a non-committal way. From neon pink to green, there’s nothing like a fun nail to brighten even the dreariest fall day.

neon nails.png

3. Neon Shoes
These boots are made for walking. Spice up an all-black outfit with a neon shoe for an easy and unexpected way to incorporate neon into your night out look.

Neon shoes.png

4. Neon Clutch
Yet another neon accessory to lust after, the clutch is an effortless way to stay on trend without diving head first.

Neon Purse.png
Brooke Herigon

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