Combat the Cold and Look Cute

As winter approaches, that means jean shorts and t-shirts are out and jackets and beanies are in. Unfortunately, dressing warm sometimes mean sacrificing your cute outfit. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. When the weather randomly drops to 40 degrees, these winter clothes an accessories will help you stay warm while still looking cute.

Lovers + Friends Ripley Puffer

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puffy Photo credit: Revolve

Stay warm and dry with this waterproof, over-the-top, puffy jacket. Pair it with high waisted jeans and you’ve got a cute and quick outfit. With this jacket you’ll be the most golden thing out there even when the sun isn’t shining.

Urban Outfitters Pullover Turtleneck Sweater

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sweater Photo credit: Urban Outfitters

When the weather outside is frightful and you haven’t seen blue skies in days, pull on this hot pink turtleneck and add a pop of color to the world. The split high-low detailing on the sides adds a modern twist to the classic turtleneck look. And it will definitely keep you toasty.

Lululemon Fast as Fleece Tight Leggings

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leggings Photo credit: lululemon

These tech fleece fabric leggings will keep your booty warm all winter long. And who doesn’t love wearing leggings? These are perfect for going to class, running errands, and working out in the cold.

Jocelyn Fox Fur Pom Beanie

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beanie Photo credit: Revolve

When you’re ears feel like they’re frozen throw on this not-so-average beanie to warm up. The metallic hat comes in both gold and silver with a fox fur pom on top, sure to add a chic touch to any outfit.

27 Miles Malibu Theo Skull Gloves

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gloves Photo credit: Revolve

When you’re hands are freezing cold these are the perfect gloves to throw on. These gloves are 100% cashmere and the studded skull adds a perfect touch to make these the cutest and softest gloves available. Plus, they won’t stop you from being able text and use your phone.

Emma Castner

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