Staff Picks: Back to School Essentials

Staying organized in college can be hard. From crazy class schedules to going out multiple times a week, it’s easy to feel like your life is out of wack. These back to school essentials are sure to help you stay sane during this exciting and hectic time.

Meredith Embree: “My back to school essential is a phone sticker cardholder so that I always have my student ID and credit card on me during the day!”

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Erin Condren Life Planner

Caillie Horner: “My favorite go-to for every back to school season is an Erin Condren planner because it’s customizable and makes me want to be organized! And they’re all super cute!”

Claudia Gillem: “My back to school essential would be a raincoat. Dallas weather is super unpredictable and nobody ever wants to walk to class without one when it’s raining.”

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Herbivore Botanicals Facial Spray

Gillian Bressie: Herbivore Botanicals Rose Facial Spray! I love this spray so so much because not only is it refreshing during a hot day or a boulevard, but it also doesn’t make your makeup run. Spray it all over your foundation and it will still stay set with a dewy glow!”

Caroline Lidl: “My back to school essential is a new laptop case and decorative stickers. I carry my laptop everywhere and it’s a fun way to show my personality and the things I’m interested in at the time.”

Maria Ryan: “My back to school essential is a good makeup mirror! At school, I’ve always done my makeup at my desk so having a decent mirror with a light is essential!”

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Personalize Papier Notebooks Photo credit: Maggie Klimuszko

Maggie Klimuszko: “My back to school must have: personalized notebooks and planner by Papier. Bonus: they have the cutest prints!”

Lizzie Loftus: “A silk sleep mask is a must in my opinion. Aside from feeling luxurious, it helps you sleep like a baby…put this on and you’ll be out cold guaranteed.”

S'well Bottle
S'well Bottle

Mary-Wesley Maddox: “My back to school essential is my S’well water bottle because it’s so hot on the walk to class and it keeps my water cold!”

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Poppin Colored Pens

Chloe Smith: “My back to school essential is definitely my Poppin colored pens! I use one color for each of my classes when I write in my planner and it helps me stay organized. I also use them when I’m studying and it makes my notes a little more fun to look at.”

Jules Fox: “Jean shorts because they are so versatile. You can wear them to class and out and can be styled so many different ways!”

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Agolde Denim Shorts

These Agolde denim shorts are perfect for a day to night look!

Lydia Brooks: “My back to school essentials are tinted moisturizer and mascara! They get you looking put together super quickly for class!”

Emma Castner

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