5 Ways to Limit Your Plastic Consumption

Plastic is everywhere. We know we should limit the amount we use, but it can be hard to know where to start. Try these easy ways to use less plastic in your daily life.

1. Bamboo toothbrush.

It is recommended that you get a new toothbrush every 3-4 months. That means that your toothbrush likely ends up in a landfill after you pitch it in 4 months. Instead of the typical plastic ones, try bamboo or wooden toothbrush like this one.

Goodwell Co. Bamboo + Bitchotan Toothbrush
Goodwell Co. Bamboo + Bitchotan Toothbrush Photo credit: Free People

2. Opt for a regular coffee maker instead of a Keurig.

The Keurig might be convenient, but wasting one of those plastic K-Cups every day is not worth it. Another good solution is investing in a Nespresso machine. The pods are made of Aluminum and can be recycled.

3. Avoid grocery items that are packaged in plastic.

This can be quite a challenge, but there are some items to look out for. Eggs can be found in cardboard or plastic containers so opt for the cardboard. Bonus points if you bring reusable bags to the store.

4. No straws no problem.

No one really needs a straw, and if you really want to use one get a reusable stainless steel straw, or buy paper ones. You can even buy a reusable cup that comes with a straw.

Metal Water Bottle Cap
Metal Water Bottle Cap Photo credit: Lokai

5. Say no to bottled water.

There are so many cute reusable water bottles and cups! This tip will save you so much money too! Check out this cup by S’well.

Pink Punch Takeaway Tumbler
Pink Punch Takeaway Tumbler Photo credit: S'well
Kate Foster

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