Brooke’s Best: January

For it being a new year, I really haven’t tried that many new products this January. If you read my most recent Look article, you know that I was boycotting the concept of New Year’s Resolutions, and somehow I also lumped in new product tries into that boycott. That being said, I somehow managed to make this list of products I’ve been loving from December of last year into January – hopefully you’ll love these recommendations as much as I do!

Brooke’s Best: Hair

In case you haven’t seen my most recent Instagram posts or spoken to me in the past month, just wanted to let everyone know that I got curtain bangs. I’m literally obsessed with them, but it also means that I have to style my hair every single day. My Drybar Single Shot Blow-Dryer Brush makes that SO easy; I seriously cannot over recommend it enough; it’s my best purchase probably ever.

Brooke’s Best: Shoes

Let me start this recommendation by saying I never thought I would be a Doc girl. I bought platform Doc Marten’s as a late Christmas gift for myself, and I seriously feel like such a badass every time I wear them. They were a bit of a splurge, but they can instantly elevate any casual outfit or dress down a nicer dress for a day out. Buy Docs. You won’t regret it.

Brooke’s Best: Coffee

I am a huge why-make-my-own-coffee-when-I-could-walk-to-Einstein’s girl, and because of that, my flex dollars are drained so much faster than they should be. That is until I got a Nespresso Vertuo Next for Christmas – now my life is forever changed. There is no greater satisfaction than making your own coffee at home that tastes better than anything Fondren Starbucks has ever made. Next on the list is trying to figure out how to make Starbucks chocolate croissants in my Boaz room… I’ll let you know if I figure it out by the end of February.

Brooke Betik

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