Meet the Fashion Influencers of TikTok


Maria’s content is much more budget friendly than that of other influencer’s. Her content features things like “one piece 4 ways” and 30 days of outfit compilations.

Kerina’s content is more related to fashion hacks than style inspiration. With videos to the tune of “how to tuck sweaters into skirts,” “how to wear a bra under tie tops” and many others, her page will give you all of the style tips and tricks you need!


Another great mens wear influencer on the platform comes in the form of a streetwear influenced creator. That being said, his style differs greatly from other streetwear influences, as he is much more interested in streetwear’s reaches into high fashion.


This list would be incomplete without Wisdom Kaye, a creator with 5.2 million followers and a feature in Vogue. His videos are known for creating outfits from unconventional inspiration, such as anime characters, emojis or TikTok sounds.


Her feed, scattered with black corsets, lots of hair clips and a major 90s aesthetic has amassed 5 million followers.


Her content is fantastic for anyone looking to learn more about colors that flatter their complexion. Her videos are excellent at giving tips for looks that flatter darker skin tones, as she is incredibly conscious of giving tips to her entire following, regardless of demographic.


Denise creates lots of content with her best friend, who has a different body type than her. They oftentimes wear the same outfit and show how the looks fit and flatter the two of them differently!


Veronika’s style is very feminine though she shows a poignant love of tailoring. Her content is great for those looking to hone their own personal style.


This account belongs to an interracial couple who is seriously fashion inspo goals. Their color-coordinated looks and cheeky antics are equally swoon-worthy.


Marc’s content is less fashion heavy than the others, but as a high fashion model, Marc has grown a following on the platform for basically dragging trends that aren’t cute and sharing behind the scenes stories from shows he’s walked in.

Oh, and of course, @smulook 🙂

Gillian Bressie

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