The History of the Mini Skirt

It is debated who invented the mini skirt, but its biggest champion was London-based designer Mary Quant. Hemlines were rising in the ’60s and Quant stocked her boutique with short skirts that reminded her of young tap dancers. Quant named the skirt after the Mini Cooper because both things were “optimistic, exuberant, young, flirty.”

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However, André Courrèges argues that he was the original designer of the mini skirt. In the end, both designers agree that the streets of London invented the skirt.

The mini skirt became a staple in the ‘60s and Supermodel Twiggy became the poster child for the new look. Even Jackie Kennedy partook in the trend with a white pleated Valentino mini dress.

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In the ‘70s the mini skirt was adopted by the punk rock scene in leather and PVC variations. The lead singer of Blondie, Debbie Harry, often wore a mini skirt on stage.

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Then in the ‘80s, the mini skirt came back as the rah-rah skirt modeled after cheerleading uniforms. The rah-rah skirt was pleated and adapted to the sporty theme of the decade.

The mini skirt had another resurgence in the 2000s thanks to stars like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Short shirts paired perfectly with the short skirts of the era.

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The mini skirt never really left, so here is some inspiration on how to style the mini skirt today.

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Princess Polly Lola Mini Skirt

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Revolve Aricia Skirt

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Aritzia Tennis Pro Micro

Lucy Ladis

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