From Runway to Streetstyle, Denim is Always Back

Designers are reimagining denim this season.

By Lindsay Rorschach

It is undeniable that denim is one of the best staples in everyone’s closet. Whether dressing it up or down, denim is the easiest thing to grab and style while looking effortlessly put together. From pairing your favorite jeans with a casual tee to a mini dress with a crop denim jacket, its comfort and style compare to nothing else. It is that constant that stays in your closet year after year and trend after. Denim has been through it all and has no intention of ever leaving. 

As we go into Fall 2022 and designers are revealing what they created for this season and denim seems to be around every corner, but in ways that we haven’t seen before. While it seems as though denim trends repeat themselves every few years, this fall’s styles are fresh and new. From the runway to street style, there are several exciting new pieces to add to your closet. 

Firstly, let’s address the common idea that is being challenged by this fall’s newest arrivals and runway shows. “You should not wear denim on denim.” Right? Wrong. In the era of matching sets and pieces that seamlessly flow into one another, it only makes sense that head-to-toe denim is going to be seen a lot this fall. Here are a few of your favorite denim on denim looks for this season. 

While the denim mini skirt had its moment a few seasons ago, we are unsurprisingly circling back to the 2000s as designers are migrating towards long denim maxi skirts. Brands known for their denim collections, such as Frame, Mother, and Levi’s have all designed their own versions for this fall. While this new fall trend may seem intimidating, celebrities like Bella Hadid and Jennifer Lopez are ready for it! 

Fitted is out and baggy is in. Veering away from the classic skinny jeans, fall 2022 is about oversized denim. Specifically, oversized jean jackets and baggy jeans are taking over street style. An oversized jacket is the easiest piece to incorporate into an outfit and add depth and dimension. Baggy jeans have emerged as the most popular cut of the season with a wide-leg shape and longer inseam. The looser fit provides more comfort and ease without giving up style. While skinny jeans are in hibernation, just for the time being, the extra-large, oversized look is here to take its place.

Lindsay Rorschach

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