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Photo Courtesy of Marjorie Marsoun

We all have that one friend that seems to look effortlessly chic in everything from sweats to the finest formal wear. Enter Marjorie Marsoun from Huntington Beach, CA. A sophomore that certainly exudes that cool girl quality. Her shoe game is only rivaled by her insane collection of athleisure sets. A pilates devotee, this girl never sacrifices her personal style, trust me even her pajamas are stylish.

Photo Courtesy of Marjorie Marsoun


My mom has worked in clothing her whole life so I’ve grown up with an eye for various cuts and prints. I tend to gravitate towards timeless yet eclectic pieces. I also make sure all my pieces are versatile.

My style has definitely evolved. I’ve gone through phases where I only wore muted colors or dresses, but currently I’m into brighter colors and clothing with a sense of comfort.

I’m not the biggest instagrammer so I gain a lot of my fashion sense from emails. I love the edits that Elyse Walker, NET-A-PORTER, and Man Repeller send. I don’t necessarily always have time to read the blogs so I love that I can get a quick glance at the bigger picture.

Go to outfit?

I tend to have a few uniforms. I like the AGOLDE Riley jeans, a silky top, classic leather jacket, golden gooses, and some fun earrings. I am a huge fan of my sundry sweats, sherpa golden gooses, a fun band tee, and puffer for more of an everyday look.

Online or in-store?

In store 100%. I’m a big boutique girl and I love supporting small businesses. I personally like the touch and feel of an in-shore experience and I think you really miss out on that when online shopping.

Dressed up or down?

When I’m home I get dressed up everywhere I go, but when I’m here I’m constantly in sweats.

Photo Courtesy of Marjorie Marsoun

Beauty must haves?

I’ve been using the YSL concealer for at least five years and I will never stop. There’s something about the way it brightens your eyes without being heavy and I like that natural look. I made the switch to Kopari natural deodorant because aluminum is one of the most common carcinogens. The third would be the Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in pillow talk. I think it just makes your lips look prominent especially if you have a lighter complexion.

Desert island piece?

My mom’s vintage leather pants or my white Ja’Dior slingback pumps or my IRO leather jacket because they are all singular pieces that can elevate a look.

Pop or Rock?

I guess more rock. I like anything old school.

Sneakers or Heels?


Jackie Kennedy or Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe…I like to take risks.

Photo Courtesy of Marjorie Marsoun

What else should we know?

When it comes to choosing an outfit pick something you feel good in. If you feel great in it, that confidence will carry whatever you’re wearing.

Photo Courtesy of Marjorie Marsoun

And that’s this stylish girl’s secret.


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