Get back into a healthy routine and start your day on the right foot.

By Tyler Martin

It can be so difficult to be motivated right now. With new classes, tons of events and the little sleep we’re getting… the list goes on and on. Nevertheless, we’re in a new semester and it’s so important to get back into a healthy routine for classes. I’ve compiled a list of a few tips you can add to your morning routine to start your day on the right foot:

Yes, it’s cliche, but it is so important to make your bed in the morning. Starting off your day by completing one simple task will help you accomplish larger tasks throughout the day. On the same note, by simply tidying up your room, you’ll feel so much more at ease. As they say, cleaning your space truly clears your mind and definitely helps your day start on a more productive note.

I’ve always heard it’s best to drink water first thing when you get up, so I make sure to keep a water bottle by my bed. You can always switch up your normal ice water and add some chlorophyll drops or a squeeze of lemon for a morning boost.

I am a huge coffee drinker and love to start my day with some caffeine. I don’t know about you, but I don’t always have the energy to go out and get a coffee, especially the days I have an early morning class. I recently tried these Pop and Bottle to-go lattes and they’re so perfect for when I’m running out the door! Highly recommend checking them out the next time you’re at Foxtrot Market or Whole Foods.

Self-care means something different to all of us… whether it’s working out, getting ready in the morning, or taking a nice shower. I think self care is so important and is especially beneficial during our busy schedules. For me, I love to take a morning shower and take time in the morning to do a skincare routine so I feel fresh before walking out the door. I’m a big fan of Hailey Bieber’s line Rhode Skin for easy and affordable products that leave you glowing.

The most vital part of my morning routine is picking out an outfit. Again, cliche, but when you look good, you feel good! We all have those days when we roll out of bed, throw on a baseball hat and the last thing we’re thinking of is to try and look presentable. If you just take a few minutes the night before to pick out an outfit, you’ll feel less stressed in the morning and more confident throughout the day! Here are a few examples of some easy outfits for class:

Sadie Lemkau, Tyler Martin, Lucy Jane Pettit

Even if you implement just one of these tips, you’re guaranteed to see positive changes. Having mindful rituals in your morning routine will manifest into productive habits throughout the day.

Story and Photos By Tyler Martin

Tyler Martin

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