Staycation Options for Spring Break 

By Meighan Ashford

Spring break is one of the most fabulous times for showcasing those outfits that you’ve been waiting to showcase while putting away those winter clothes and breaking out those shorts again. The time of the season when one either goes to Miami and parties it up or decides to take a week for some relaxation that we have all been dying for. Which is also okay, we all need a staycation once in a while. Take a look down below at some ideas that one could implement if deciding to take some time off and just have a break while staying in town for spring break. 

At-home spa

Instead of going to your favorite place to get that facial that you always love, why not spend the time and do some research and recreate yourself for a fun at-home spa night for you or anyone you want to include in the fun? It’s a fun and cozy way of relaxing while still getting that luxurious feel that you’re so used to and crave. 

Go to a nice restaurant

There’s nothing wrong with going to that place that you love the most while ordering the same dish that never fails you, but now and then it’s okay to branch out toward something new. And a nice restaurant that you’ve never tried before is just the way to start when trying to get out of your comfort zone. Order a new dish, go alone or with close friends, it doesn’t matter just as long as it’s something you’ve never tried before.

Hotel nearby

Now I know the whole point of a staycation is to stay at home and find things to do there but it never hurts to stay at a hotel and experience a new kind of relaxation present there. The feeling of not being in the same environment and experiencing a different kind of home could be good for anyone. A nice breakfast that you didn’t cook could as well bring up anyone’s mood.  

Cooking night

That dish that you’ve been waiting to prepare for that special night can be used at this moment right here. You don’t always have to savor and keep things secret while planning to use them one day. Today is just as good as any other regular day, and it’s time to start using that to your advantage. Try out that new recipe, copy that restaurant meal you love, either way, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you try something. 

Day trip

It doesn’t have to be far or even worthwhile wild just as long as you’re having fun with the people you love most, or even if it’s just you. The trip can be as long as you want it to be and it doesn’t even have to be this fancy place that you want to make your destination, you just have to be willing to go somewhere that you’ve always wanted to see (as long as it’s in range of driving that say), the fun will follow you regardless. 

Spring break can be a time for either relaxation or going all out and either is just fine. And it’s time that people start recognizing that it can be as fun or as monotonous as one possibly wants it to be.  

Meighan Ashford

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