St. Patricks Day Looks 

By Meighan Ashford

Incorporate some green into your style.

The day always catches up to us without even noticing. Each year, I get told repeatedly by people who know how they have no idea to emulate green into their wardrobe without undergoing it, as well as overdoing it. Just because the color is very bold doesn’t mean one can’t look good while wearing it. Take a look down below at five St. Patricks Days outfits that can be worn even when in a hurry. 

A Blazer 

A nice blazer has always captured the eyes more than anything and the same can be said about a bold color. A green blazer (of any color) would do great at adding a significant addition to any outfit choice, especially with neutral undertones such as black or white. 


Who says one has to have a regular sneaker or heel when picking a shoe? A bold statement such as green would do wonders for such a more minimalist style approach. Such as jeans and a more simplistic top that you want to add more flair to instead of the more simple route. 

Top or Bottom 

I know that it may not be spring just yet but a show-stopper color such as green could do wonders for anybody. A satin or ruched top with a more simplistic bottom or the opposite could bring your style to a whole other level that you never even knew. 

Green can be one of the most complicated colors to style, but when done right it can truthfully be the most fun when experimenting with style. Just as long as you manage to not overdo it in a way that comes across as trying too hard while sticking to the heart of your true style. 

Meighan Ashford

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