Going Green: Using Powdered Greens for a Balanced Lifestyle

By Dakota Tara Rose

It is no secret that wellness is about balance – whether balancing daily activities, habits, exercise, food, sleep, or vitamins. Getting the proper amount of nutrients is essential to our wellness, and our bodies need tons of different vitamins and minerals. However, as we all know, balancing efficiency and nutrition can be challenging, especially in college. Supportive supplements can be a great way to aid in providing your body with the nutrients it needs while maintaining your lifestyle. Greens supplements are taking social media by storm, and while the greens trend being birthed from social media might raise questions for some, it is helping thousands of people. 

Green powders combine fruits, vegetables, fiber, and additional vitamins in a powder to be mixed with water or juice and consumed daily. They increase nutrient intake and help you reach your recommended daily vitamin or mineral goals. Many green powders aim to improve digestion, promote gut health, and provide you with more energy throughout the day. 

Photo Courtesy of Bloomnu.com

If you’re a TikTok user, you’ve probably scrolled past Bloom Greens, a woman-owned company that promises wellness with its greens powder, available in several different flavors, such as coconut, mango, and strawberry. Bloom Greens is said to decrease bloating, support digestion, improve gut health, and increase energy levels, this powdered greens product is a seemingly perfect solution to issues that arise for so many individuals. “Bloom Nutrition Greens & Superfoods” includes dehydrated fruits and fibers such as chicory root and is sweetened with Stevia, so there is no added sugar.

In past health-conscious surges, there have been concerns that green powders and supplements, such as Bloom Greens, are not as helpful or healthy as advertised. The key thing to understand is that powdered greens and green supplements are not substitutes for maintaining a balanced diet rich in unprocessed fruits and vegetables. According to Monica Bearden, a sports dietitian at Houston Methodist Hospital, “the combination of the variety of nutrients in their natural, whole-food form helps each other be absorbed and metabolized by the body” (McCallum). Essentially, there is a unique combination of fiber, macronutrients, and micronutrients in a fruit or vegetable consumed in its natural form that cannot be replicated in a powder. Thus, powdered greens must be supplemental to a balanced diet – assisting when necessary nutrients are running low rather than negating the need to eat nutritiously altogether. 

Additionally, it is important to consider how much of a nutrient is included in the powder of your choice and if it exceeds the recommended daily allowance for that given nutrient. These allowances can be found online. This easy Google search will save you from any green powders that might flood your system with too much of a specific nutrient, therefore having the opposite of the desired effect.

It is essential to find a greens powder that is free from added sugar and potentially harmful chemical compounds. Bloom does not have added sugars as it is sweetened with Stevia. Unfortunately, it does contain maltodextrin, which is highly processed and can be harmful to your gut biome and blood glucose levels, according to Medical News Today (Butler). A healthier alternative is Amazing Grass’s Greens Blend. This greens powder does not contain maltodextrin and is also sweetened with Stevia, providing you with all the benefits of a powdered green without the chemicals. 

All in all, greens powders can be a great tool for maintaining a balanced and nutrient-rich diet. Bearden says that greens powders can “aid performance and recovery” when used “as a supplement to an overall balanced diet.” She further endorses the use of green powders, stating she “thinks these powders can be a good supplement, but they cannot replace a healthy diet. You need to fact-check and do your research” (McCallum). So, for a little more balance, look for a good greens supplement to add to your routine like Amazing Grass’s Greens Blend. Powdered greens are a great way to increase your nutrient intake in addition to those nutrients you get naturally, without drastically changing your lifestyle – simply mix your greens into some juice or water in the morning and let that green goodness lead you to feeling and looking your best!

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Dakota Rose

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