Three of My Go-To Boutique Workout Classes in Dallas

By Sophia Pardo

It’s no secret that Dallas has so much to offer in the fitness space, boasting a variety of studios, gyms, and classes. With so many amazing options available, it can be slightly overwhelming deciding which one to attend, especially when considering your specific workout goals. As someone who has tried at least 25 different workout classes within the DFW area, consider me your guinea pig as I share my top three favorite spots in the city:

Ritual One Yoga

I am a huge fan of all the classes offered at R1, but my favorite is the Yoga Sculpt class. Let me tell you, this class is KILLER. The studio itself is dimly lit, with an all-black interior. As you walk into the reception area, you’re greeted by the warming scent of burning incense and deep house music playing through the speakers. If you could capture the vibe of this studio, it’s a combination of an edgy yoga lover’s dream and an overall badass atmosphere. The Yoga Sculpt class is 60 minutes long, and I’ll be honest, it makes classes from Corepower Yoga feel easy. With cardio intervals, strength training, and yoga exercises, you are sure to get your money’s worth. The studio is heated with infrared, which is great for the body’s detoxification system, and all the classes revolve around the beat of the music. All the class playlists are fire, and I always leave with a new favorite song. One of my favorite little details the studio offers comes midway through the workout; when everyone is given a cool eucalyptus towel. It’s such a treat. Shoutout to my favorite instructors, Margaret and Samantha!

Shine Hot Pilates + Sculpt

In a 90-degree room, this mat Pilates and sculpt class is an amazing addition to your routine. Let me tell you, this class is insanely fun. The class’s unique choreography, helps you release your stress and leaves you feeling on top of the world. I love how the class has a dance element to it, specifically in its cardio portion, which sets it apart from other mat-based classes’ cardio experiences. The music selection is always varied, and never fails to hit the mark, featuring everything from EDM to rap, and my personal favorite, the throwback hits. The class is a journey of musical experiences, and leaves you feeling as if you were in the pit at a concert as you move to the beat. I also love that the classes use props like the Bala weights, bands, light weights, Pilates balls, and rings. My favorite instructors are Tatum, Adam, and Danielle. Happy Shining!

C7 Training

I recently discovered C7 Training, and I can already tell this workout will become a staple in my routine. The studio is light and airy with a clean minimalist vibe to it, which I love, and its classes are definitely fiery. The Full Body Bounce is a workout experience like no other. The class uses a rebounder trampoline, which has a plethora of health benefits. In a recent study by NASA, it was discovered that just 10 minutes of bouncing on a rebounder was a better cardiovascular (and arguably more fun) workout than going on a run for 33 minutes. The class has intervals of choreographed jumping on the rebounder, followed up by portions of sculpting done on a mat with light weights, bands and a Pilates ball. I am a huge fan of this workout and how it is low impact, while getting your lymphatic system moving from the bouncing. The sculpt portions gives a feel of Tracy Anderson Method x Rebounder bouncing, and a combo I did not know I needed, but now I can’t live without. Owner and Instructor Shannon King Cave’s energy is infectious, I always look forward to my mornings spent at C7. Enjoy!

Finding a fitness routine in college can be really challenging. For me personally, my moments of peace are often associated with my morning workouts. I have found that these classes leave me feeling empowered, stronger, leaner, and, most importantly, joyful and ready to take on the day. Let me know what you think!

Sophia Pardo

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