Where to Sweat in Style: SMU Girls Top Picks

By: Harriette Hauske

Exercising at Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports isn’t for everyone. Perhaps you don’t know how to achieve a good workout on the machines. Maybe you don’t have the confidence to use weights in front of boys. It could just be you don’t have the motivation to create your own workouts.

Luckily for SMU students, Dallas has a plethora of workout studios. So, out of all the options, which studio should you choose?

This chart shows which workout studios are most popular among SMU female students. It was generated with information from a survey that was created by Harriette Hauske, a senior journalism and fashion media student, and distributed to SMU girls through different social media platforms.

1. SoulCycle

SoulCycle is an upscale cycling studio that is often referred to as a cult. The class consists of forty-five minutes full of fat-burning cardio, core-sculpting choreography and up-beat music.

Student opinion: “I love SoulCycle because it’s more than just a workout. It’s a community,” says Isabelle Gwozdz, a senior political science student at SMU. “I don’t dread going to SoulCycle classes like I dread going on a run or going to the gym because SoulCycle is more of a party. There’s great music, and everyone is energized. I’m happy when I’m in a SoulCycle class.”

Price: The first class is $20, and each individual class after that is $30. SoulCycle does not provide a student discount; however, it does offer a variety of packages.

Locations: Preston Hollow and Uptown

2. CorePower Yoga

CorePower takes yoga to a whole new level. The high intensity, hour-long class takes place in a heated studio and consists of fast-paced yoga poses and free weight exercises.

Student opinion: “CorePower is my favorite workout class because it forces me to push myself both physically and mentally,” says Gwen Everett, a sophomore markets and culture student at SMU. “The mix of strength, cardio and yoga also helps me find inner peace and complete control over my body.”

Price: First-time members receive a free week. Students can also get a 10 class-pass for $159 instead of $194 or the Black Tag Membership for $119 instead of $139.

Locations: Mockingbird, Henderson and Preston Forest

3. TreadBarre

TreadBarre combines interval running with a variety of floor exercises involving free weights, a Pilates chair or a springboard. The 50-minute class is split into four sections, alternating between the treadmill and the floor exercises.

Student opinion: “TreadBarre is an intense workout that you actually want to do because you can feel the results right after the class,” says Sarah Anania, a sophomore business student at SMU. “With the combination of intense running and floor exercises, you really feel like you’re improving your endurance, strength and speed. It is the only workout I have found that motivates me to go every day.”

Price: For SMU students, an individual class is $17 instead of $25, and a one-month unlimited class-pass is $149 instead of $219.

Location: University Park

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