Mini Luxe announces Fall 2019 collection

Mini Luxe so graciously invited LOOK to attend their fall launch. As a firm believer in self-care, who was I to object?

Mini Luxe is an amazing company founded on the belief that hygiene in the nail industry is seriously important. You know your favorite nail salon at home- the one you’ve been going to since forever but might have some questionable cleaning procedures that leave you feeling suspicious? This salon is nothing like that. With six locations in Dallas’ hottest neighborhoods including one in our second home, North Park, you are bound to be near one no matter where you are.

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The company, originally founded in Boston, has 15 locations throughout four states. While at the Highland Park location I had the opportunity to speak with Mini Luxe’s CEO Zoe Krislock. She stressed the importance of valuing nail technicians thru paying ample wages along with promising stable schedules.

The company is hoping to be the next big thing in beauty. Based on my experience, that dream does not seem too far off the mark. I can only speak to the West Village and Highland Park locations, but the ambiance of both salons is incredible. Picture: modern, white, clean, and shiny. Circling back to cleanliness, all tools are sterilized and opened right in front of you. There is something about seeing this that instantly relaxes a germaphobe like me. At the end of the service, you even have the option to take home your nail file and buffer for an at-home touch-up.

Now onto the main event…the manicure itself. I chose the gel polish manicure and could not have been more pleased. I was paired with Champa who was AMAZE (seriously request her) <3. In my mind, it is always a good sign when your service ends with a hug. We chose to take full advantage of the Mini Luxe x @ninanailedit collaboration. I chose the color Lapis, a royal blue with just a hint of shimmer, along with a baby pink accent finger. As if that was not enough, Champa added negative space and a rose gold foil accent. So basically I am currently living my best nail life.

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Mini Luxe has some super exciting designs planned for our very own Iron Skillet rivalry. Stay tuned for a first look and let’s beat those horned frogs!


Lizzie Loftus

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