Sweat in the City: Coast Cycle

By Shae Walker

Looking for your new favorite place to sweat in the city? Well, say hello to Coast Cycle! Coast Cycle is a boutique cycling studio located in Oak Lawn. The ambiance is as incredible as the workout, taking inspiration from co-owners SMU alumni Sabrina Roy and Marisa Wayne’s Southern California roots.  

Sabrina began teaching spin during her sophomore year at SMU. During COVID the studio she had been working at unfortunately closed. The day before she got the news of the studio closing, she found out that her little brother Cristian had unexpectedly passed away. During this time of grief, Sabrina used exercise, specifically spin, as a form of therapy. Sabrina frequently took classes from her now co-founder, Marisa Wayne. Wayne has experienced great success in the boutique fitness studio industry and founded one of my personal favorite cycling studios in my hometown of Newport Beach, Grit Cycle. 

Image Courtesy of Ivy Nielsen

Inspired by the joy that indoor cycling classes brought into her life and with the knowledge and with a push from her mother to take a leap of faith, Sabrina alongside her mentor Wayne founded Coast Cycle. The pair aspired to start a studio that’s workouts not only yield amazing results but have an energetic and welcoming environment. 

Sabrina created Coast with the intention of honoring her brother, “Cristian is the biggest inspiration behind Coast Cycle. I think losing him made us realize life is precious and too short to waste it not going after your dreams. Our logo is actually derived from the logo we made for his memorial.”  The studio’s mission statement was inspired by what Cristian’s loved ones consider to be two of his greatest traits, first being “The ability to make everyone in the room feel welcome” and secondly “the power to turn doubt into drive.” 

Image Courtesy of Coast Cycle

My experience at Coast Cycle was truly an embodiment of those traits. Upon stepping through the doors the staff was extremely welcoming taking the intimidation factor out of a traditionally intense workout. The class itself was amazing and Sabrina is truly a natural at what she does. Even when I was exhausted, my legs were sore, and the thought of calling it quits lingered in the back of my mind; the supportive energy fostered in the studio inspired me to finish as strong as I started. 

After my class my endorphins were high, and I felt clear-headed, accomplished and ready to tackle the week ahead. Students receive a discount so whether you consider yourself a fitness junkie or you are in the beginning days of your fitness journey, Coast Cycle is a must-try for all SMU Students.



Shae Walker

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