My Wellness Non-Negotiables as an SMU Student

By Sophia Pardo

We all have been there with our on-the-go lifestyle and constant, hectic schedules. College life can be so demanding, oftentime depriving us of necessary self-care time. During my freshman year at SMU, my holistic wellness routine was shaken to the core, requiring me to rethink how I could stay consistent with my healthy habits, while also staying on top of my new college class schedule. “It is just the little things that can get so lost in a college routine,” sophomore Elizabeth Damon said. I’ve compiled a few of my self-care essentials that I’ve managed to work into my busy schedule and that you can incorporate into yours:

Tongue Scraping

I know what you’re thinking, but this simple task has been an amazing addition to my routine. Tongue scraping eliminates all the bad bacteria that accumulates in our mouths, which your typical toothbrush can’t. It also enhances your sense of taste, removes toxins from your body, and supports your gut health (which is so important). I’ve found that using this tool every morning and night before brushing my teeth has been so beneficial.

Bone Broth

When living in the dorms, I found myself craving a little mid-day boost, leading me to discover bone broth. Don’t let the intimidating name scare you away, bone broth is not only super satisfying but has amazing health and beauty benefits. These benefits include increasing collagen production, anti-aging properties, aiding gut health and immunity, and improving sleep quality. To enhance the flavor, since it really tastes no different than a watered-down version of chicken soup broth, I love adding a sprinkle of Celtic salt. The Trader Joe’s bone broth has become a staple on my grocery run, but you can find this beauty broth at most grocery stores.

Sakara Life Products

I am a huge fan of the Sakara Life products. A few of my favorites are the probiotic, the metabolism powder, and all of their tea sachets. I take the probiotic first thing in the morning and found it is a great way to jumpstart my gut health for the day. As an afternoon treat, I love to mix the metabolism powder with warm, frothed almond milk. Since implementing this powder into my daily routine, I feel significantly less bloated and no longer succumb to those pre-dinner cravings. While I stick to dietary supplements, I have heard fantastic things about the nutrition program that delivers meals to your front door weekly. I find the Sakara Life products worthwhile because of their unique, high-quality, plant-rich ingredients and holistic approach, which you can’t easily find elsewhere.

Ice Rolling

The ice roller from the Skinny Confidential is my absolute holy grail. It is the perfect way to depuff every morning, promoting drainage and lessening inflammation. Being sleep-deprived is a right of passage as a college student; whether I am waking up after a night on the town or a late-night study study session, my ice roller has become a staple in my routine. Pro tip: Use your ice roller below your collar bones as it promotes lymphatic drainage throughout your body beyond just the face and neck.

Investing in yourself and your health is so important. While our lives can be stressful and busy, it’s vital to incorporate these short but sweet moments of peace. Putting yourself first is something I cannot stress enough, especially while we are in our young adult years, as it will ultimately influence our long-term health goals.

All Photos by Sophia Pardo

Sophia Pardo

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