One of the latest cool-girl trends of 2020 is the claw hair clip. This nineties-esque style evokes a laid-back but chic look and it’s actually really easy to achieve. love wearing a claw clip when I don’t want to wear my hair down in my face, but I really don’t want to put it up in a pony either. The clip is way less damaging to your hair than a hair band, making it much more comfortable and super easy to re-adjust if needed.

When I put a claw clip in, I usually center part my hair and smooth down the sides into a low-pony. Then, I twist the hair up and bring it down again making a U shape. Finally, with the ends I’ll tuck those back at the top of the clip and pull out some front pieces for the classic 90s look. There’s also so many great tutorial videos on youtube for multiple beautiful hairstyles you can do with a claw clip.

This hairstyle is so elegant because it’s reminiscent of the classic french twist. Daunting to many, especially me, the same look of a french twist is achievable in seconds with a claw clip. So, dress it down with a tank and jeans, or up with a flowy dress and sandals.

Check out some of these really cute options to step up your hair accessories game!

Be like the Spice Girls with a subtle butterfly accent. Buy it here!

Urban Outfitters Butterfly Claw Clip
Urban Outfitters Butterfly Claw Clip, also comes in pink and blue!

What a steal! Grab these classic claw clips from Amazon.

Two-pack Claw Clips from Amazon
Two-pack Claw Clips from Amazon

Be bold and try these funky options from Anthropologie!

Multicolored and pink claw clips from Anthropologie
Multicolored and pink claw clips from Anthropologie

Ditch damaging and boring hair-ties, and opt for this chic, stylish and comfortable option!

Maria Ryan

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