Halloween Looks in a Pinch

By Ivy Nielsen

Need a costume like… ASAP? We have you covered! Read on to discover our favorite ways to style the pieces in your closet or the effortless last-minute costume. It’s easy as (pumpkin) pie and doesn’t have to be your typical cat or witch!

Princess Leia

All you need for this costume is a white dress and the Star Wars character’s signature buns! Pair with black boots, and you’re ready to conquer the galaxy! For extra credit, get your man to be a romantic Luke Skywalker.

Photo courtesy of Mary Thompson Charlebois

Olivia Rodrigo

Grab a pink tank and plaid skirt from your closet. Next, take a quick trip to Micheal’s for some colorful star-shaped and smiley face stickers. For your Instagram moment, write “SOUR” on little pieces of paper.

Photo Courtesy of Juan Silva

Blonde Dancer Emoji

Is your bestie facing the same costume struggles? The two of you can join as the iconic dancing emoji duo! Put on a black t-shirt, skirt, and shoes. Craft the ears by sticking black paper on a headband. Now pose for the perfect picture! So cute!

French Girl

Transport yourself to Paris with this adorable ode to the city of love! Grab a black and white striped shirt and a black mini skirt from your wardrobe. Next, hop over to the costume store and grab a pair of suspenders. Add a red lip, and oui, you’re ready for the night!

Photo courtesy of Charlotte Kolman

Britney Spears

All you need for this classic look from the famed Britney music video is a black skirt, a white Oxford button-down, and a grey cardigan. If you have the time, pick up a pair of knee-high socks and pink fluff-ball hair ties to complete the look.

Photo courtesy of Ella McDonald

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Ivy Nielsen

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