Behind the Scenes Look at Creative Director Sabrina Abbas

Each week, we will highlight one of the members of our editorial board to take readers behind the scenes of our brand. First up? Our creative director Sabrina Abbas, SMU senior who worked on the first issue of SMU Look magazine. Born and raised in the DFW area, this Texas native brings her style and epic bangs to the heart of the city.

Sabrina 1
Photo credit: Katie Butler

So you’re SMU Look’s creative director—what does that mean and what do you do?

I oversee the visual aspects of the magazine. Some days that means working on a shoot, other days I’m laying out pages in InDesign. Mostly though I’m running around trying to coordinate with a million different people in an effort to put this thing together.

You’re a senior—what are you majoring in and what do you hope to do after graduation?

Don’t remind me! I’m double majoring in journalism and marketing. Post-graduation I want to move to New York and work in fashion at a publication or brand. I haven’t worked out the details yet but I’ll figure it out.

What is the most rewarding part about being creative director for SMU Look?

It’s awesome when you finally see projects come together. A lot of preparation goes into every shoot and layout, so getting to take a step back and see your hard work pay off is really rewarding.

What is the biggest thing you learned after the first edition of SMU Look came out last semester?

When something goes wrong (and it will) have a backup plan or find a solution. No one wants to hear a complaint without an idea on how to fix it.

Sabrina 2
Photo credit: Katie Butler

What is your go-to piece of clothing/ a staple piece everyone has to have in their closet?

Everyone needs a huge pair of black sunglasses that saves your life when you’re hungover and also makes you feel like an undercover celebrity. Pair with a baseball cap and puffer coat for the ultimate Leo DiCaprio look.

What is something weird about you that no one would know?

As a kid I pretended to be alternative and cool and listen to Green Day and My Chemical Romance when in actuality I worshipped at the altar of Hilary Duff.

If you could be anywhere doing anything in ten years, what would it be?

In NYC or LA, being one of those people who has their lives together and drinks lemon water in the morning.

If you had to wear one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My “Do Nothing Club” hat.

Check us out next week for another behind the scenes look at our editorial team!

Katie Butler

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