Juicy Couture Debuts in NYFW

By: Ali Mikles

Remember begging your mom for that baby pink velour tracksuit detailed with the iconic “j” zipper that all your favorite celebs wore?

Well they’re back, baby! You heard that right. Juicy Couture is making a comeback and in a big way—debuting their Fall 2018 ready-to-wear collection on the New York Fashion Week runway.

In their heyday velour tracksuits in every color imaginable were worn by everyone from Paris Hilton to Madonna. While the brand faded before most of us had finished high school, Juicy rebranded as Juicy Couture Black Label in 2015 with designer Jamie Mizrahi. The designer has used influencers and social media to re-establish the brand. Since Mizrahi took over, the line has been seen on Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and Selena Gomez.

Photo credit: Vogue

The Juicy tracksuits you once drooled over have been transformed into chic and mature garments. This was evident in Thursday’s New York Fashion Week show. Set in the historic and charming Hotel Wolcott, the show featured textured black pleather dresses, turquoise tie-dyed fur, and metallic puffer jackets on the catwalk. Immediately, anyone who anticipated the signature styles of the early 2000s to appear was sorely mistaken.

Photo credit: Vogue
Photo credit: Vogue

Mizrahi paid homage to each decade of the 20th century to present day through her designs. The juxtaposition of the sharp light caramel leather jackets with the pink fairy-like gowns proved the brand’s versatility.

Photo credit: Vogue

If you were disappointed to find out that the famous terry tracksuits didn’t make the cut …you spoke to soon! Mizrahi intentionally waited until the end of the show to bring out the track suits, which were detailed with cheetah print, pink sequins, and stripes giving off an ‘80s aerobics vibe.

Photo credit: Vogue

If Juicy Couture’s intention was to move away from their early 21st century designs, I’d say mission accomplished.

Ali Mikles

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