Serena Williams: Serving Up the Latest Trends in Sportswear

Serena Williams, new mother and tennis superstar, just won her second match at the U.S. Open against Carina Witthoft. While always serving up a nail-biting match, this year she served up the latest in fashionable athletic wear. Williams dominated the court in two different one-shouldered tutu ensembles. Both pieces, which launched her, yet again, into the fashion spotlight, were from the Virgil Abloh x Nike for Serena Williams line and they were absolutely spectacular.

Both the lavender and black looks were created by Off White’s famed American designer, Virgil Abloh, with intent to look sporty and feminine yet fierce. To the naked eye, this is exactly what he accomplished, but more thought went into these creations than just that.

The one-shouldered design is actually a hoax. One side of the leotard is long-sleeved which creates the effect of an off-shoulder silhouette, however, there is a short sleeve on the other arm designed to match her skin tone perfectly.

Even more impressive is the black fishnet tights she wore underneath her tutu with both looks. One would think the tights are just another fashionable addition to her overall look, but they serve a greater purpose. The fishnets serve as compression tights, vital to William’s health. Since the birth of her daughter, Alexis, Williams has suffered from life-threatening blood clots in her lungs.

As her struggle with blood clots continues, Williams is forced to find creative wardrobe alternatives that both meet her health needs and coincide with the strict rules of tennis attire. (Flashback to the fabulous catsuit she wore last May at the French Open which prompted The French Tennis Federation president, Bernard Guidicelli, to ban catsuits from future French Opens #rude). The fishnet tights and pant sets she has been wearing in recent matches are meant to help keep her blood in circulation.

I am desperately awaiting the next match to see Serena Williams, tennis guru turned fashion icon, kill the fashion game once again.

Maggie Klimuszko

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