5 Ways to Add Bold Color to Your Look

It may seem daunting to pick up the bright blue shade of eyeshadow sitting in your favorite palette but there are many ways to incorporate bold colors into your everyday routine. So, don’t just leave that blue untouched. Swipe some pigment on your brush and get to it!

1. Invest in a colorful eyeshadow palette

What’s essential to becoming your own bold makeup artist is having an adventurous eyeshadow palette filled with colors that stray from your usual neutrals. Many cosmetic lines create these kinds of palettes. Some of my favorites include Too Faced, Morphe, and Kylie Cosmetics. These lines produce shadows that are long lasting and heavily pigmented eyeshadows making them worth the price.

2. Go for a bold lip color

Popping on a bold lip color is the easiest, quickest way to add that drama to your look. Mattes, velvets and glosses that come in vibrant colors are super easy to find these days. Kat Von D Beauty and ColourPop lip products come in colors like teal, purple, blue and orange. And, if those colors are a little too out of your comfort zone….


3. Try a Red Lip

Sky blue lips are a little out there, I get that. So maybe try something timeless but still makes a statement every time and rock a red lip. A classic red is that perfect compromise between dramatic and sophisticated.

4. Line your eyes with Color

Consider this the statement piece to your eye makeup. Try a yellow winged liner or line your waterline with green. Maybe use the liner all over your lid for ALL the extra drama. Whatever you decide, extenuate your eyes with a color that says “BANG! Look. at. me!”


5. Make the unusual your usual

Don’t be afraid to be bold! Bold colors can be used in everyday looks and if done correctly, never appear too wild. Make them tasteful and wear them like you’d wear neutrals or any other of your go-to shades. It’s so easy to incorporate them, so why not go for it!


Mckenna Dersam

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