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Meet Claire Strachan, a freshman from Wellesley, MA. I got the chance to chat with her about all of her fashion favorites. Shoot her a follow on Insta @claire_stracchan!

Where do you find your fashion inspo?

I get super inspired every year during the Met Gala. Those outfits are most definitely not for anyone to wear but I like to take inspo from them and turn them into more everyday looks.

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What’s your favorite fashion trend right now?

Designer fanny packs. I love the 90s. Super comfy and can change the whole vibe of an outfit.

Sneakers or booties?

Booties because I’m so short. But if I had height on my side I’d say sneakers.

What’s something you will never wear?

Never say never. You never know where you may end up or what theme party you may attend. Everything has a time and place to be worn.


What’s your favorite brand?

Levi’s. Die hard Levi’s fan. I try to only buy jeans by them. I love how they are made out of true jean material, yet still comfortable. I also love how traditional they are.

What’s your favorite online site to shop on?

I used to strictly shop on Revolve but now I’m finding that’s everyone’s go-to and I like to find pieces no one else can find. I currently like scrolling through my popular page on Instagram and finding new stores, sadly most of them happen to be from Australia.

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What’s your favorite thing to shop for?

Makeup. Whenever I get home to play with my new products I realize all the products basically look the same but shopping for it is like being a little kid in a candy shop. It’s the only thing I don’t shop for online.

What’s the riskiest fashion trend you’ve tried?

Tiny sunglasses.


What’s your favorite item you own?

My Dior Tribales pearl earrings. Pearls are a staple for earrings but the Dior ones let me have the timeless look yet show my personality.

Whats the worst fashion trend you’ve tried?

Don’t know yet. I’ll have to ask my kids one day.

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