Coachella Survival Guide

Coachella is just two weeks away. Three days in the blazing sun can really take a toll on your body. If it’s your first time going, here are some survival tips I wish I knew my first time around. You might not see these as necessities but it’s better to be over prepared than under prepared.

Reusable Water Bottle:
You’ll need to be hydrating in order to get you through the 12+ hour day. Skip the water lines and make your life easier by bringing a reusable water bottle. There’s plenty of water refill stations all around the polo fields. This one by BKR is tiny and will fit perfectly into a bag or backpack. Plus, you’ll be helping the environment by not wasting plastic.

Portable Phone Charger:
There’s nothing worse than your phone dying in the middle of your favorite artist’s set. Stay charged up with this portable phone charger by Anker. It’s as small as a lipstick and adds an additional full charge. Lets face it, there’s no way 1 full charge of an iPhone is going to last all day with the amount of photos and videos you’ll be taking.

Hand Sanitizer:
Unfortunately, most of the bathrooms at Coachella are porta potties and are usually pretty disgusting. Plus, the hand washing stations are pretty packed and backed up. Use hand sanitizer for a quicker clean up.

Hair Ties:
This is an obvious one. By the end of the day you’re hair will most likely be sweaty, tangled, and dirty. Plus, when it gets dark, no one cares what you look like anymore so put that hair into a pony.

If you’re walking around the polo fields all day you’re going to get blisters. There’s nothing worse than a fresh blister rubbing on your shoe. Make sure to pack bandaids so if this problem arises, you’ll have a way to fix it.

Mini Fan:
The temperature’s during Coachella average in the 80s, which means you’re going to be hot AF. With all the dancing and walking around, you’ll be craving a breeze. This mini fan by Topuser plugs into your phone and is tiny enough to keep in your bag. You’ll thank me later.

Most vendors at Coachella take credit cards, but cash is so much easier. When you really need a water or snack in the middle of a set, cash will get you back to the music much faster.

Tampon Flask:
For the 21-year-olds, you’ll be able to get a drinking wristband if you want to drink. But here’s a sneaky little trick you’ll be able to get past security. Smuggle Your Booze Tampon Flasks are the best way to sneak in a few shots. They seriously look just like tampons, and the security is not going to question it because well, most men security guards will be frightened off by the sight.

Tampon Flasks.png
Smuggle Your Boose Tampon Flasks Photo credit: Emma Castner

Other things to pack:



-Granola bar





Remember to be safe and have fun!!

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Emma Castner

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