Where to Brunch in Dallas

Whether you’re looking for a place to get ready for a boulevard or to celebrate a birthday, brunching is the way to go. With my Dallas recommendations, you’ll be a brunch expert in no time.

Sixty Vines

crescent court.jpg
Not only does Sixty Vines have a covered patio, they offer seating within Crescent Court. Who wouldn't want to gaze at Stanley Korshak while they dine? Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Sixty Vines is my #1 favorite spot for brunch. The food, the drinks, the atmosphere, I’m telling you this place has it all. Located in Crescent Court, Sixty Vines is known for their extensive collection of wine including, for those of you who are 21, almost 60 wines on tap! The decor is very reminiscent of California wine country, and the atmosphere invites you to stay awhile and kick back with friends. But the FOOD. The food is why Sixty Vines holds such a special place in my heart. Pesto roasted cauliflower, crispy zucchini, carrot cake pancakes! Trust me, your tummy will be thanking you.

Dolce Riviera

dolce riviera brunch.jpg
Once again for my carb people, the bread served quickly by an attentive waiter is a force to be reckoned with. Photo credit: Lydia Brooks

If you’re like me and your love your carbs, Dolce Riviera is the place today. A little Italien haven in uptown, Dolce offers all the pasta and pizza our hearts desire. Everything in the restaurant is very blue and cozy and makes you feel like you’re dining in Cinque Terre. The covered outdoor seating is my favorite place to sit, especially for brunch with the sun shining down!

Bonus: Dolce Riviera does a great job celebrating birthdays (think tiramisu and sparklers) so consider this for your girlfriend’s next celebration!

Henry’s Majestic

henry's majestic.jpg
Henry's Majestic is a perfect mix of rustic casual and classic uptown. Photo credit: Flickr

Henry’s Majestic is an SMU staple. Girls of all ages can be spotted here before a boulevard in the classic red, white, and blue attire. Known for their beautiful mimosa bar, complete with fresh fruit, juices, and syrups, Henry’s Majestic is a go-to for many an SMU lady. The menu features something from every brunch lovers dream. We have avocado toast, chicken and waffles, pancakes, eggs, and bacon. My personal favorite is the sweet monkey bread. If you like cinnamon, apple, or caramel, you might want to give a try! (not might, you really want to give it a try. really)


The aforementioned base of white with pops of color presents the perfect Instagram background. Photo credit: Lydia Brooks

My last brunch pick is for when you’re feeling a little fancy. Mirador is on the top floor of Forty Five Ten. A staple of Dallas fashion, this boutique perfectly combines all things modern and eclectic. Fashion and art merge together not only in the boutique but the restaurant as well. Most of the restaurant is white with clean lines, but little pops of color excite the room, making this posh eatery the ideal Instagram location!

Lydia Brooks

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