Last Minute Fall Break Ideas

Now, I know some of you have had your fabulous fall break planned for months. But others, like me, might be a little behind. Have no fear my friends, I have the perfect, last-minute fall break ideas that are sure to satisfy your fall break dreams!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or just have no interest in home improvement, you’ve probably heard of Chip and Joanna Gaines. The house-flipping duo set up shop in Waco, TX, just two hours away from campus! You might be thinking, “Lydia I live in a dorm, what am I gonna do with a bunch of homeware stores?” Don’t you worry, there is so much more to Waco than meets the eye!

Silos Bakery.JPG
Photo credit: Jenna Brooks

You want to start your day at the Silos Bakery Co. The bakery’s goods are so popular, they’re usually sold out by midday so the earlier the better. Now I’m not saying you have to eat your cupcakes for breakfast but I definitely did (and fully recommend doing the same).

For taking that insta-worthy shot, you’ll wanna step over to the Silos. Not only are they spectacular to look at and pose in front of, but there are also food trucks set up during the day for you to peruse at your pleasure. But don’t imagine normal food trucks, imagine sweet tea in a mason jar and donuts to make you drool.

Magnolia Silos1.png
Photo credit: Jenna Brooks

One of my favorite parts of the Magnolia experience is the opportunity to stay in an original Gaines home! I took this trip last year with my mom, sister, aunt, and both grandmothers. We were only staying for two nights and decided to make the most of our experience. We booked one night at one home and one night at another home! I know this is a little extra but it was so worth! Before we went to bed each night, we watched the episode where Chip and Joanna flipped each house, it was so cool to see what these houses looked like before!

Photo credit: Jenna Brooks

If none of that excites you, there are plenty of options for a Dallas stay-cation.

If you’re having major beach FOMO, you might find the pool club vibes you’re searching for at Waterproof Club at the Statler. The entire rooftop is a pool club, complete with cabanas, poolside service, and a DJ. But best of all: no cover charge (I know!). Now the only warning I have is, again, the early bird gets the worm, or in this case, a spot to lay out. Most of the cabanas have to be rented out, but you can definitely snag a lounge chair or two if you get there early.

Deep Ellum is such a fun district but can be hard to delve into. A fun way to test the waters and see a lot of the area is to rent out a party bike! Many of them also have pub crawl add-on options too!

Kate Weiser.jpg
Photo credit: Lydia Brooks

For you foodies, a cooking class is such a fun way to not only eat great food but learn how to make it too! Sur la Table has a great variety of classes, everything from spaghetti to pastries! The classes at Kate Weiser show you how they make their handcrafted chocolates, the very process they go through every day!

See my friends? No plans, no problem. There are so many options just a simple car ride away!

Lydia Brooks

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