I have always hated shaving. Besides being wildly time-consuming, shaving is something that almost every person who does it finds annoying. I have tried waxing, but it’s painful and there is an uncomfortable stubbly period between waxes that I couldn’t tolerate. My father was Greek, so I was blessed with the unfortunate trait of thick dark hair.

People spend tens of thousands of dollars and hours shaving throughout their lifetime. Laser hair removal is a permanent solution to this daily inconvenience that many people face throughout their lifetime. The laser targets the pigment in the hair follicle, which alters the pigment and slows the regrowth. With enough treatments, the hair stops growing.

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LaserAway location in Dallas, TX Photo credit: Abigail Savopoulos

LaserAway just opened a branch here in Dallas, across from NorthPark Mall. They require that all of their specialists be nurses or nurse practitioners. Although their price point may turn people off, they offer a convenient monthly payment plan that allows clients to pay monthly instead of purchasing the entire package on the first day of treatment. They also allow you to purchase laser hair removal by the area or choose an all-over body package for a discounted price.

In Texas, it is important to be aware of the standards of the location at which you are seeking to do laser hair removal. It is extremely easy in Texas to become certified to perform laser hair removal treatments, no medical school or background necessary. Some locations can charge less for laser hair removal because they do not have to pay these laser hair removal technicians as much as they would have to pay a registered nurse. Be sure to ask about who they hire before you sign anything or pay any money for laser hair removal.

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Photo credit: Abigail Savopoulos

“In the state of Texas, you can actually get certified after 30 hours and become a laser tech. So, you can do kind of a crash course on it. But here, we only hire registered nurses, so they have gone through nursing school. So they have an extensive medical background, so that’s how we’re able to do so many different treatments & services,” said Natalie Reese, the Location Director for the LaserAway Dallas location.

Walking into LaserAway feels like walking into an Instagram-worthy spa. I was escorted to one of the treatment rooms where I discussed my gripes with shaving and desire to be hair-free. When I left the consultation, they even gave me a cute branded goodie bag.

“One major difference is the quality of the laser that we use. It’s top of the line, it’s called the Cynosure Apogee Elite, which is a dual-wavelength laser so we can treat any and all skin types. Anyone that comes through my door, I can treat them,” said Reese.

When I arrived for my first treatment, I was guided to a treatment room and instructed to undress and put on a robe. The excitement of never having to shave again overshadowed any fears. The technician began the treatment by drawing a grid on my legs in chalk to ensure that every spot is targeted. Patients normally see major results after four to six treatments, but I started seeing slight results after only the first treatment.

Despite rumors that laser hair removal is painful, I found it completely painless. The machine they use blows cold air on the spot where the laser is targeting, which significantly reduces the pain. The most uncomfortable part of the treatment was probably cold air. This process made me wonder why anyone ever endures waxing.

For a comprehensive overview of the LaserAway laser hair removal experience, you can watch their video here (https://youtu.be/rvWi5WE–Ek).

Abigail Savopoulos

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