February in Music

Even though February is the shortest month, February has had no shortage of good music. These five songs are in need of a home – your playlists.

“Yikes”, Nicki Minaj

While the world debated whether or not Nicki Minaj actually retired, she nonchalantly dropped the razor-sharp “Yikes”. The song came shortly after Minaj exchanged terse words with ex-boyfriend Meek Mill over Twitter. The Pooh Beatz-produced track sees Minaj in her zone – cocky, brash, and witty. With lines like “I don’t play with demons, Satan, get thee behind”, the rapstress reminds us that her talent is here to stay. Mrs. Minaj has a target in mind and she is never known to miss.

For: Strutting in your best outfit and driving a little above the speed limit.

“Breathe Deeper” by Tame Impala

After what seemed like eons, Tame Impala returned with a gem in the form of the album The Slow Rush. Kevin Parker, the mastermind behind Tame Impala, glides into a smoother sound with songs like R&B-tinged “Breathe Deeper”. In the track, Parker reminds us to breathe in the face of negative and stressful situations. Parker’s dreamy vocals cascade on an equally effervescent production. All 6 minutes and 12 seconds of the song are a delight, especially as the track breaks down into a mental headrush that will get you hooked.

For: Dealing with unexpected assignments and waving at someone who doesn’t wave back.

“That Bitch” by Sizzy Rocket

If you need your confidence to radiate out of every one of your pores, Sizzy Rocket’s “That Bitch” is the key. Sizzy Rocket, whose real name is Sabrina Bernstein, oozes confidence with every lyric in this pop-punk banger. Bernstein embraces all parts of herself, including “the crazy, messy, wild, emotional parts that might be ‘too much’ for people.” Paired with an equally powerful music video, this song is guaranteed to make you feel amazing about yourself and be unapologetic about it.

For: Rising from the ashes and going all out for a night with the girls.

“Albi ya Albi” by Nancy Ajram

The queen of Arabic pop does not fail with her heartwarming “Albi ya Albi” (My Heart, Oh My Heart). Written for Valentine’s season, the song and its lush production sparks love in the hearts of everyone, even romance skeptics. Nancy Ajram describes a sweet love, filled with emotional longing and a hopeless surrender to the powers of love. The music video is equally sweet with an intimate feel as Ajram films herself on a camcorder while swaying to the beats of her heart.

For: Describing a love-happy high and envisioning yourself in a romantic movie.

“Physical” by Dua Lipa

Fresh off of Dua Lipa’s upcoming Future Nostalgia album, “Physical” fits right into the retro-throwback theme of the album with its 1980s-inspired production. Lipa adds fire to her slow-burning verses before she goes off with a bang in the chorus. The song’s high energy calls its listeners to the dancefloor and to live their lives fully. The track shows Lipa’s growth as an artist, moving beyond simply catchy tunes.

For: Pushing on the last stretch of your workout and losing yourself in neon lights.

Mushfequr Rahman

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