Quarantine Boot Camp

As annoying and disappointing as it is not being able to go to school right now, there is always a silver lining in any situation. For me, I think it’s being able to do things I just didn’t have time for while at school, and one of those things is sticking to a workout schedule.

Many people have had the same idea, and are spending their quarantine time working out to the plethora of online video classes. Now is definitely the time to find your favorite online class program, or make use of your favorite studios new online classes! Many are also offering extended trial periods and free classes!

Here are a few good options to try for yoga, pilates, and HIIT.



If CorePower is your thing, or you’ve been wanting to try it out, try CorePower Yoga On Demand, an unlimited streaming service of all CorePower’s classes and meditations offered through a monthly subscription (or complimentary if you already have a membership). Otherwise, anyone can access their live streaming classes for free, which change weekly.

Love Yoga and Sky Ting Yoga are both offering free streaming of yoga classes every day as well. Check out Love Yoga’s instagram live classes @loveyogaspace, and go to Sky Ting’s website for free classes as well!



If the quarantine has put a halt to your pilates kick, don’t worry, you don’t need to have a reformer in your home to stick with it! There are many pilates online subscriptions well worth checking out that require you to only use your body weight or the occasional stretch band and hand weights.

Melissa Wood Health is a really popular pilates/yoga combination of at-home workouts, all taught by Melissa Wood – check out her insta and you’ll want to sign up for the free 7 day trial right then and there (her bod is unreal). I started her videos a few days ago and they are super easy, quick, and her voice is so calming!

HotPilates – an L.A. pilates studio is offering free live streaming pilates classes on their Instagram live multiple times a day. Check out their Instagram @hotpilates and try live streaming a class! They also provide the Venmo of the instructors so you can tip or send them some extra $$ as a thank you for doing these classes for free while the studio is closed.


HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is a great way to burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time through repeated short bursts of intense movement.

One of the most popular HIIT at-home programs is Kayla Itsines’ BBG (Bikini Body Guide). The program has its own app with daily exercises and meal plans making it super easy to follow.

I for one am definitely going to tune into the Barry’s Instagram for their free instagram live workout classes! Barry’s Bootcamp is one of the most popular workout studios in the world and during this time you can follow their workouts for free, most of which only use your own body weight!

I hope everyone is safe, healthy, and definitely staying home (!!) during this crazy time. This is for sure a time when we need to do something for ourselves, working out will not only put you in better physical shape, but it does wonders for mental wellness. So try some of these amazing classes and this will (hopefully) all be over before we know it.

Maria Ryan

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