Brooke’s Best: September

September is normally among my least favorite months – it’s always really jam packed for everyone schedule-wise & falls in the in-between for summer & fall, two seasons that I also have pretty mixed reviews for. This September, however, was immaculate. This month, I listened to, wore, tried out, & experienced some really incredible things! Lucky for you, I compiled my list of them right here in this article! Let’s dive right in!

Brooke’s Best Wardrobe Piece:

This favorite is one that everyone close to me or who has spoken to me in the past month will roll their eyes at. This has become such a favorite that I am literally wearing it right now while I write this article. This is *drumroll please* … the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress! A bunch of influencers I follow have raved about this dress for literal years & I knew I wanted the Evergreen color, so I set my timer for the restock, ordered it immediately, & seriously will never look back. I can wear it to work, to class, to brunch, to run; it is seriously my most livable piece of clothing that I own. May or may not be ordering a second one very soon.

Brooke’s Best Tunes:

Since eighth grade, LANY has been one of my favorite bands. Seeing them live a year ago to the date at Austin City Limits Festival & having Paul Jason Klein make eye contact with me while he sang “I Don’t Wanna Love You Anymore” was truly an ethereal experience. Being a born-and-bred Texan, I was obviously ecstatic to find out that this band that was so close to my heart was coming out with a completely psychedelic country themed album; mama’s boy, while not my favorite LANY album, is a perfect testament to the band’s growth both as humans & artists. & cowboy in LA will 100% be my number one most played song on my Spotify Wrapped.

Brooke’s Best Coffee:

One of my biggest personality traits is being a coffee addict. Coming to Dallas for college was truly a dream come true for me because of this city’s sick coffee scene. I’ve been on a mission to visit every coffee shop in this city (that will probably receive its own article unpacking once that mission is complete), & one of my all-time favorites has to be White Rock Coffee. The iced Adam Bomb latte with oat milk is liquid gold – seriously cannot get over the quality of their coffee & their main location’s camp cabin vibes.

Brooke Betik

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