2021 Fashion Trends to Watch

Congrats everyone! We just survived the longest year of our lives. With every new year, we have to keep our eyes on the trends that are going to dominate this year.

As we all know from last year, trends can change in an instant! However, from what I have gathered recently, items like “Polo Knits”,”House Slippers” and more are going to reign supreme for the first part of this year!

Polo Knits

These “Polo Knits” are one of my favorite trends that I had started to see towards the end of 2020. Not only is this sweater perfect for layering in the winter months, but I believe that this is more of a classic than just another trendy item!

Photo credit: Banana Republic

Petite Heritage Sweater Polo | $110

Knit Polo Sweater | $29.99

House Slippers

This trend kind of gives me PTSD from March of 2020, so at first I was very weary of seeing footwear like Uggs all over fashion people that I respect (like Hailey and Kendall). However, like most trends this one wore me down and I love how we are staying comfy in 2021! Just to prove how popular these Uggs are right now – they are currently out of stock. There is a good chance they will come back in stock so make sure to keep watch to snag a pair! I have also included another alternative that is just as good (and I know is coming back in stock very soon)!

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Kendall Jenner

Classic Ultra Mini Boot Ugg | $140

Photo credit: Mango

Faux-Fur Clogs | $29.99

Sweater Vests

If you hadn’t already noticed from TikTok or Instagram, Sweater Vests are all of the rage. I don’t see this trend ending anytime soon, and I believe that we will be wearing these all the way into the Spring and early Summer of 2021.

Photo credit: SSENSE

Green Wool Upside-Down Turtleneck Vest | $188

Photo credit: SSENSE

Meryll Rogge: Black Rustic Cropped Sweater Vest | $545

Longer denim shorts

If you finish reading this and only remember one thing, I want you to know that a “trend” rarely dies after one season. These longer denim shorts are the perfect example of that. They were everywhere in spring/summer 2020 and here they are again. So, if you bought them last year, don’t throw them away just yet!

Photo credit: Revolve

Agolde 90’s Short in Riptide | $89

“Second Skin” Shirts

Now this is the trend that I am personally the most hesistant to try out for myself, because I think they will have the shortest lifespan, but I could be wrong! The tip I would give for anyone that is trying to buy these kinds of tops is to make sure that they are good quality! If not, you could risk them ripping easily!

Baum ung Pferdgarten Jamaica One-Shoulder Top | $79

I am so excited for all of the twists and turns that this year will bring! I can’t wait to see which trends will make their mark in 2021!

Happy New Year!

Princess Matthew-Mba

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