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When Wade Glover is not on the news, he’s studying Business Analytics & Supply Chain Management and Corporate Communications and Public Affairs on the Political communications track. As a sophomore, Wade serves as an RA in Mary Hay, Peyton, and Shuttles Commons and as a leader in Student Senate and Student Foundation. This Frisco native is now looking to serve as SMU’s Student Body Vice President. Let’s get to know Wade as he’s on the (virtual) campaign trail.

"Celebrating 20th birthday at home because of COVID (Apple Watch as accessory!)"
"Celebrating 20th birthday at home because of COVID (Apple Watch as accessory!)" Photo credit: Wade Glover

Describe yourself in three words.

Innovative, Diligent, Authentic.

What is your favorite quote/mantra?

“We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.” – Alan Turing.

What’s your style?

I’m a big athleisure guy.

Describe your journey. How’d you get here?

When I arrived on campus in Fall 2019, I knew I wanted to serve and support my new community like I had my old. I immediately got involved in Student Senate as a first-year Student Senator and hit the ground running with legislation. After COVID-19 and all the challenges of 2020 presented themselves, I knew I wanted to continue representing the student body so—now serving as Meadows Senator—I authored or co-authored 4 different pieces of legislation to improve the student experience in the face of these challenges.

What’s your theme song?

“Heat Waves” by Glass Animals.

Why SMU?

When I visited SMU for Admitted Students Day—no joke—I canceled all of my other college visits on the spot. The opportunities, people, environment, and experience SMU offers are unparalleled and deciding to be a Mustang was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Fried catfish.

What’s your uniform (i.e. what you wear on the daily)?

I started working as an Educator at lululemon in November, so my actual and preferred uniform consists almost entirely of lulu products (including masks which I highly recommend!)

"Me working at the lululemon at Legacy West (peep the red belt bag!)"
"Me working at the lululemon at Legacy West (peep the red belt bag!)" Photo credit: Wade Glover

What’s your greatest achievement?

After the tornado outbreak in Dallas in October 2019, I saw an opportunity for the SMU community to give back to our neighbors in a time of need. I authored S-106-04 (A Resolution in Support of the Victims of the Dallas Tornadoes and Severe Thunderstorms) and planned “SMU Tornado Relief,” an event all members of the SMU community could participate in to help clean up the disaster zones. I served in three different locations with more than 100 other SMU students as we all cleaned up debris, delivered hot food, and just checked in on people and that day made me so proud to be part of the Mustang family.

How do you balance your busy schedule?

I actually like to stay busy! Having something to do keeps me from getting too distracted, but also makes the end of the day that much nicer.

What’s your go-to accessory?

Probably a watch. Typically that’s my Apple Watch so I can keep track of all my activity, but when I need a more formal accessory I wear my late grandfather’s Rolex just as a constant reminder of support.

What’s been the highlight of your time at SMU?

Returning to campus in August after six months of confusion, anxiety, and separation. Hugging and talking with some of my best friends in person was easily one of my happiest memories.

What drove you to run for Student Body VP?

I am running for Student Body Vice President to lead and create positive, meaningful change for every Mustang. The most important responsibility and honor of the Vice President is representing the student voice. There are many things we all love about SMU, but we all also know things that could be better. It is my mission to meet these challenges head-on with student-focused, proactive, and positive change.

"Unintentionally matching the mannequin at the lululemon Northpark store."
"Unintentionally matching the mannequin at the lululemon Northpark store." Photo credit: Wade Glover

What are the top 3 items in your online shopping cart?

Loafers for when it gets really hot this summer, a brown wristband for my Apple Watch, and a nice swimsuit.

If you could walk the runway for one fashion designer, who would it be and why?

Walking for Giorgio Armani would be really cool because I would love to one day own a selection of their formal and business lines.

What’s your favorite TV show/movie?

Schitt’s Creek, WandaVision, and Madam Secretary.

What is one thing you wore freshman year that you STILL wear today?

It was one of the Stampede shirts from last summer—a white shirt with the Dallas skyline in red pictured inside a red Mustang.

What is your “why”? Why do you do what you want to do?

I have loved every moment I have spent at SMU: the people, the organizations, the events, and the classes. As the saying goes, when you love something you want to make it better, and I love SMU and the SMU community so much I want to do everything I can to make our school the best it can be.

Why do you think you’re the best fit to be SMU’s Student Body VP?

During my last two years in Senate, I have authored or co-authored nearly 20% of the bills passed. I have a keen eye for determining where we are doing great and where we could be doing better. I am passionate about making SMU the best it can be and have the experience and relationships to do it.

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