The Look for Less: Foundrae

Over the last year, gold jewelry has been especially popular – notably gold coin lariats.

Personally, I think that Foundrae owns this style. With its array of charms and sizes, this brand has built a highly coveted line of fine jewelry. However, it comes with a not-so-favorable price tag and is most definitely an investment. Check out Ylang23, located in Preston Center, to shop Foundrae.

If you want the same look, but want to spend less – here are my three favorite Foundrae lariat dupes:

1. Etsy ($22)

Photo credit: Etsy

2. Taylor & Tessier ($190)

Photo credit: Taylor & Tessier

3. Gorjana ($75)

Photo credit: Gorjana

Do yourself a favor– save that money!!

Maddie Crisp

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