Dine in the Sky at The Monarch

The Monarch is Dallas’ newest luxury restaurant, opening just three weeks ago and already bringing in rave reviews from food critics all over Dallas. It adds something fresh to the dense Dallas food scene, mainly because of its location but especially because it comes from Danny Grant who is a two-time Michelin star recipient.

The Monarch sits on the 49th floor of The National building overlooking the beautiful Dallas skyline. Guests can expect to be greeted with complimentary champagne before they ride up the elevator to the restaurant.

We made reservations for 5:45 pm, which let us experience the sunset towards the end of our dinner. The dress code is business casual or better and all guests were dressed to that standard.

Dinner began with warm bread and their signature house-made ricotta honey spread. Next came the appetizers:

We started with Texas wagyu carpaccio which is drizzled with black truffle, lemon, arugula and served with deliciously seasoned warm brioche bread. This was our favorite appetizer – the carpaccio literally melts in your mouth.

We also got the wood oven-roasted giant prawns per the recommendation of the hostess downstairs. These prawns had a salsa verde that, in my opinion, resembled more of a sweet pesto than something spicy. The cilantro tied the dish together perfectly. Great recommendation!

Next, we tried the wood-fired meatballs which were delicious but I would definitely get the Carpaccio and the Prawns over it. A table beside us also had the whipped hummus and it looked incredible. All of the appetizers were a 10/10!

Our waiter explained that The Monarch likes to do food family style, so he suggested a few dishes and we shared them all. This was the best approach because we got to try a little bit of everything.

Being the most highly recommended entrée by our waiter, this whole Maine lobster spaghetti was by far the star of the show. Presentation-wise it was beautiful but the taste of the light and fresh pasta combined with the rich lobster was delicious!

This shrimp scampi ravioli was small enough for one person to finish but large enough for our table of 5 to each try one.

The fire-roasted lasagna included baby meatballs and a delicious crispy cheese crust. The lasagna is wrapped into 5 rosettes, easily making it a shareable plate.

The black truffle risotto was also one of our favorite dishes of the night (it is seriously so hard to pick). The portion was perfect for everybody to get a couple of spoonfuls and combined with everything else we got we left feeling comfortably full.

Again with a gorgeous presentation, this Salt-Crusted Whole Sea Bass was so good.

For dessert we got a chocolate cake which was gone way before I was able to get a picture, meaning you should definitely get it. This “Blackout” Cake includes peanut butter, banana mousse, and chocolate budino. Is your mouth watering yet?

Lastly, we got a fire-roasted lemon olive cake which was served with heirloom citrus on top and ricotta ice cream on the side. This cake was the best ending to one of the most delicious dinners I have ever had.

The Monarch has officially stolen my heart and taste buds away from other top restaurants in Dallas. The service, food, location, and ambiance make it a top competitor in the ever-growing Dallas food landscape.

Insider Secret: Guests can also be on the lookout for a private “chocolate” room located in a secret wine cellar where you can be invited to try chocolates from around the world over lux spirits.

Fernanda Gonzalez

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