The Halloween Costume That Will Be Everywhere

The resurgence of Y2K style has been everywhere and it is even showing up in this year’s Halloween costumes. The cult-favorite 13 Going on 30 is the hot trend this Halloween thanks to TikTok.

The movie’s newfound popularity has come after Christa B. Allen, who played teenage Jenna Rink, started making Tik Toks recreating movie scenes. Fans think that Allen has grown up to look just like Jenna, and are obsessed with how she nails the costumes. It creates a lot of nostalgia for the fans.

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After making a wish to be 30, flirty and thriving Rink has to navigate her adult life with little experience. When she gets invited to her magazine’s party, she goes for a youthful look. Decked out in a striped Versace dress with a butterfly necklace and pink lipgloss, Rink reminds everyone at the party what it means to have fun.

The dress was a different colorway from Versace’s spring 2003 show. In a review of the collection, Vogue’s Sarah Mower wrote, “what’s Donatella Versace to do when the whole world seems to be going shorter, brighter, and more colorful? Do it shorter, brighter, louder, and, of course, better.”

Last Halloween Allen remade the get ready scene from the movie and got 4.1 million likes on her TikTok. This year google searches for the “13 Going on 30 dress” have been rising again. Many companies have begun to make their versions of the dress and expect sales to peak around the holiday.

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I think that the comeback of the Y2K style and the popularity in the media has set the stage for this Halloween. We most definitely will be seeing recreations of the dress everywhere. Are you dressing up as Jenna Rink this year?

Lucy Ladis

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