SMU Look x Dr. Barbara Sturm

The SMU Look staff took a trip to Dr. Barbara Sturm Dallas Boutique and Spa for a masterclass.

By Lizzie Sexton.

As the weather gets chillier, taking care of your skin can become a whole new ballpark. Luckily, the team at Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Dallas location was more than happy to give the SMU Look staff a few tips and tricks for protecting our skin and making it look good while doing so (as well as letting us sample some goodies)! 


Naturally, we had to start the session off with a refreshment. Everyone was given a macaroon and a Poppi to help them through their self-performed facial. Poppi is a tasty prebiotic soda that promotes gut health and immunity benefits. Perfect for the occasion! 

As we got started, the Sturm team was happy to answer any of our questions, as well as explain some of the history behind Dr. Barbara Sturm’s vision. They told us Dr. Sturm began in orthopedics and developed cutting-edge treatments for inflammatory conditions, including the “Vampire Facial” Kim Kardashian famously tried where a patient’s blood is drawn, then spun into a custom-blended cream for each patient. 

Coming from a medical background, Barbara Sturm invested an immense amount of chemistry and science into her brand to produce the most effective and clean products possible. No toxins, no harm, no aggression.


Throughout the masterclass, the team led us through the trademark skincare routine step by step.

Naturally, we began with cleansing our skin using the Microbiotic Gentle Cleansing Balm. This melted any makeup and oils off instantly.

Next, we followed up with the Enzyme Cleanser to finally cleanse our skin.

We then used the Clarifying Mask, which we applied with a brush all over to thoroughly clarify pores and imperfections.

Next came the Balancing Toner, applied in upward motions to target pores that open downward.

The Microbiotic HA (Hyaluronic Acid) Serum came next for hydration.

Then we got to choose between The Good C Vitamin C Serum to activate and transport Vitamin C effectively into the skin or the Better B Niacinamide Serum to brighten dark spots. I personally opted for The Good C Serum.

Then Eye Cream applied from the temple area toward the inner corner of the eye in a massage motion, and then from the temple across the brow bone toward the inner corner.

We then had the option to use the Face Cream, a thick cream perfect for dry, sensitive skin, or the Microbiotic Balancing Face Cream, great for acne prone skin. I used the Microbiotic Balancing Face Cream.

My favorite part came next, which was the Glow Drops. The team said they were the primary reason behind the effect of glass skin and, boy, were they right. If I recommend one product, it would be this.

To seal it all in place we finished with the Hydrating Face Mist and glossed our lips with Lip Balm. As you might expect, I felt brand new.


Overall, the experience is a must-try! We are so thankful to the Dr. Barbara Sturm Dallas team for pampering us for the evening and allowing us to try some of their famous products. If you have the opportunity, definitely give a product or two a try and find what works best for your skin, there’s something for everyone! If you have the time, stop by the Highland Park Village location–or the closest Barbara Sturm Boutique to you–for a Five Star facial. Also, definitely give Poppi prebiotic soda a try, that stuff was addicting.

Lizzie Sexton

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